Sister Wives: Meri Brown Recently Revealed That Her And Kody Brown’s Relationship Is Nonexistent

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Recently Revealed That Her And Kody Brown's Relationship Is Nonexistent

Sister Wives Meri Brown admits that she is ‘harsh’ after she snorted her husband, Kody Brown, on their failed 30th birthday.

Neither Meri Brown nor Kody Brown recognized their important wedding anniversary on social media, suggesting the end of their relationship.

Meri Brown went to Instagram to publish a quote from a book shared by a social media fan. The quote read, “Thank you for sharing. I’ll tell you about it. I just wanted to tell you something someone told me at the beginning.

“It’s okay to hear all the things you hear.” You’re just becoming human again. You’re not doing life wrong. You’re doing it right. “If there’s one secret you’re missing, it’s that doing it right is really hard.

“Feeling all your feelings is hard, but that’s what they’re for. Feelings are for feeling. All of them. Even the hard ones.”The secret is you do it right, and doing it right sometimes hurts.”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Recently Revealed That Her And Kody Brown’s Relationship Is Nonexistent

Meri’s post comes in as she confronts the idea that her marriage to Kody Brown might be over.

On Wednesday, Meri Brown posted a series of cryptic quotes on Instagram ignoring her anniversary with Kody Brown. She shared her story on Instagram: “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.”

She then posted: “Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.

Even Meri Brown did not wish her husband a happy anniversary in 2019. The couple’s marital problems exploded in a recent episode of Sister Wives.

Kody Brown divorced his first wife, Meri Brown, his only legal wife at the time, in 2014 to adopt Robyn’s children from a previous marriage.

Then, Meri Brown was involved in a catfish scandal in which she fell in love with another man on the Internet who ended up becoming a woman.

During a therapy session this season, Meri Brown revealed that their relationship has been “quite difficult for a while”.

Kody Brown added, “Meri Brown mourns the loss of what we had… I’m sorry for what we had.”

Meri Brown said, “The relationship that he and I had, it’s dead, it’s gone, it’s over. I want a relationship with him.”

He then banged Meri Brown for “going into victim mode” when he was trying to have honest conversations.

He kept shooting: “I feel like I’ve been tricked into a very different relationship than I expected. Meri Brown and I had a quick courtship, with a lot of expectations and a lack of communication.

I didn’t know who I was marrying”. As things evolved, I started to be upset and bitter about the situation I was in.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Meri Brown has been knee deep in her own pity party for several seasons. I used to watch this show every week and I enjoyed everyone. Then Meri began her “poor me” campaign. When the camera was solely on camera that’s when I would get up to get a snack or drink, or just leave the room or turn the volume down on the TV. Her actions/feelings got old real fast. I just quite watching.

  2. I just wonder why he never talks about his granddaughter? It always “I and making this for Jackson/ I’doing this for Jacson. He needs to realize he has another grand child. They will realize it when they get holder

  3. Koty went a whole season not getting paid because the show was about to be canceled. Let it die for Christ sake! Truthfully I think the internal revenue needs to investigate. Making money like that and having to file bankruptcy. Plus drawing food stamps what a joke

  4. Just leave Meri, its obvious he doesn’t want to try. You have alot to give and polygamy is just not for you. You need one man that is for you and you alone.

  5. Kodys attitude towards Mari started to shift when he married Robin. It was slow at first then went full steam when Mari granted him the divorce. He likes to point out how Mari manipulates and pity parties but….Kody is the biggest manipulator with his aggression and whining. He instigates riffs between his wives. I think it turns him on seeing them at each other. Then when they agree and stick up for each other he gets pissed off. He is a whiny lil B*tch sometimes. Mari deserves better than what she is getting. To be honest…all of those ladies do. Kody needs to man up and be an actual leader not a dictator.

  6. Leave him and get on with your life. Any man that whines so much shouldnt marry so many women. He is bulling and bitching at you because he thinks he has been denied something. In a secular relationship he would have divorced you some time ago. Move closer to your daughter get on a dating app and be happy being Meri his loss is some get guys gain.

  7. Meri, Everyone deserves to be happy. He has been over you and therefore you should be over him. You don’t have to find someone else, just take time to find yourself. You just look sad all the time even when keep a smile on your face. He should have seen that you where looking for concert in simple conversation with someone else because Kody had left the marriage a long time ago. He never took responsibility for his part in all that happened he just blamed you, and treated you bad for it. I believe in marriage, but I also believe that if you are not happy you need to look for your happiness.

  8. Marriage between one man and one woman is difficult. But both people try hard to get through it. Meri seemed to be able to endure it. It seemed to me, like it started to fall apart for her after the divorce. Although she was still considered a wife, that marriage contract is important. Now she is no longer the legal wife and her only biological daughter is gay, so no biological grandchildren for her. It is so cringe when Kody starts talking about how hard his life is because of the many responsibilities he has as the only decision making male husband in the group. He is supposed to make decisions about his 4 wives and 18 kids, but in the end he does what he wants because he is the sole head of household. I hate to see these women hurt. This show has a moral story: polygamy does not work and you only have to watch a couple of times to catch onto that. Meri now has the freedom of starting a new life. She should find a monogamist man and learn to feel she is special. There is a reason it is illegal in the United States. They have guts getting in front of a tv camera in a country which has the rights to put them in jail.

  9. I’m sorry but I have watched this show for years now and I do not believe Kody wants to be but in one relationship and that’s with Robin. Once he divorced Meri he was done with her and that was unfair. He showed no compassion for her feelings. Meri went from being married to him on paper to being nothing. Does he not understand that? That was very hurtful because if you watch the show you can see how the dynamics changed from then on. Janelle doesn’t want the traditional marriage so Robyn really doesn’t affect her but you can see how it has affected Christine. He really needs to just come out and say that he only wants to be with Robyn and get on with it. Because if you read the Bible he us not treating his wifes the way God intended in the old testament and polygamy. If you had more than one wife you were to treat them the same not show differences. He is hurting at least two and showing favor two one in particular. Quit playing the victim Kody you are the head of the family.

  10. If Kody had of been the husband he should have Meri wouldn’t have been on the computer with someone else. She’s not playing victim. She trys to tell Kody her feelings but he has his own opinion and doesnt listen to her and her needs. It’s had nothing about playing a victim. It’s about having feelings and those feelings being validated. Oh Kody stop blaming everyone else for your problems.

  11. Merit needs to get shed of that dead weight. I mean seriously, he truly isn’t all that. Sell her property and move back to her family home. She can still maintain a relationship with the other wives, but good God in Heaven, why, oh why stick around? Move on, Meri, and live the good life, please. Find a real man.

  12. Meri leave Kody and get a piece of mind. Leave those other crazy women to Kody because they are just as crazy as he is. Stop putting up with the BULLYING from all of them. Kody only wants that crazy, whining Robyn.


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