Sister Wives: Meri Brown Recently Revealed That Her And Kody Brown’s Relationship Is Nonexistent

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Recently Revealed That Her And Kody Brown's Relationship Is Nonexistent

Sister Wives Meri Brown admits that she is ‘harsh’ after she snorted her husband, Kody Brown, on their failed 30th birthday.

Neither Meri Brown nor Kody Brown recognized their important wedding anniversary on social media, suggesting the end of their relationship.

Meri Brown went to Instagram to publish a quote from a book shared by a social media fan. The quote read, “Thank you for sharing. I’ll tell you about it. I just wanted to tell you something someone told me at the beginning.

“It’s okay to hear all the things you hear.” You’re just becoming human again. You’re not doing life wrong. You’re doing it right. “If there’s one secret you’re missing, it’s that doing it right is really hard.

“Feeling all your feelings is hard, but that’s what they’re for. Feelings are for feeling. All of them. Even the hard ones.”The secret is you do it right, and doing it right sometimes hurts.”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Recently Revealed That Her And Kody Brown’s Relationship Is Nonexistent

Meri’s post comes in as she confronts the idea that her marriage to Kody Brown might be over.

On Wednesday, Meri Brown posted a series of cryptic quotes on Instagram ignoring her anniversary with Kody Brown. She shared her story on Instagram: “You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.”

She then posted: “Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.

Even Meri Brown did not wish her husband a happy anniversary in 2019. The couple’s marital problems exploded in a recent episode of Sister Wives.

Kody Brown divorced his first wife, Meri Brown, his only legal wife at the time, in 2014 to adopt Robyn’s children from a previous marriage.

Then, Meri Brown was involved in a catfish scandal in which she fell in love with another man on the Internet who ended up becoming a woman.

During a therapy session this season, Meri Brown revealed that their relationship has been “quite difficult for a while”.

Kody Brown added, “Meri Brown mourns the loss of what we had… I’m sorry for what we had.”

Meri Brown said, “The relationship that he and I had, it’s dead, it’s gone, it’s over. I want a relationship with him.”

He then banged Meri Brown for “going into victim mode” when he was trying to have honest conversations.

He kept shooting: “I feel like I’ve been tricked into a very different relationship than I expected. Meri Brown and I had a quick courtship, with a lot of expectations and a lack of communication.

I didn’t know who I was marrying”. As things evolved, I started to be upset and bitter about the situation I was in.

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