Sister Wives: Kody Tightens it Up a Bit?

Sister Wives: Kody Tightens it Up a Bit?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to have a subtle change in his appearance these days that seemed to take place in the last season of the TLC series. Now that Kody Brown’s getting older, is he opening his eyes to things he’s never done before? Or has he had a little help with his new daydream look?

Sister Wives: Kody Tightens it Up a Bit?

In the last decade of this popular reality show, the Sister Wives husband seemed to show off a facial grimace probably best described as severe. But suddenly Kody Brown’s face seems more relaxed and his eyes seem more open than usual.

If he appeared this way in just one or two shots, then one might blame the lighting or camera angle. But it’s not like that. This look doesn’t change when the lights alternate. Looks like Kody Brown may have had an eye lift, suggests some observant fans. His eyebrows used to look like they were drooping over his eyes. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

One fan suggested that the patriarch of the Sister Wives looks the same as another famous face. His eyes are similar to those of the late great Kenny Rogers after his facial surgery. The iconic country singer was very open about his plastic surgery.

Sister Wives: Just Ask His Wives

Sister Wives’s viewers know Kody is vain. His wives have said that in the past. Kody Brown’s daily hairstyle routine takes about an hour, according to his wives. He demonstrated his ritual on the show. In the season before last, his hairstyle routine was brutal.

He used the attachments on his hair dryer, like a defroster. Then came the styling products to fix every hair. He’s known to drive wives crazy waiting for them to get ready for an outing.

Kody Brown thinks so much of his hair that his wives have nicknamed his curly mane his fifth wife. So, it’s more than obvious that the sister wives share her husband are very concerned about his appearance.

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  1. Kody is one sick vain arrogant ass. Robin destroyed what the other 3 had with him. Sick I tell ya. And hes constantly making negative comments about his real true wife is sad sad.

  2. Kody is one sick vain arrogant ass. Robin destroyed what the other 3 had with him. Robin is whinny and needy so Kody feels like Big Daddy Lol. Sick I tell ya. And hes constantly making negative comments about his real true wife is sad sad.

  3. I just think this is just a nasty I could never live like this I’m a single woman myself I would never have a man with three other wife’s and he’s just like Hitler he’s nasty and ya Robbins a lot of the causeof this ifhe finds someone younger than her she’s going to be put aside I just couldn’t have even one extra wife in the picture they take turns that’s just nasty that’s not in the Bible I’m sorry your day will come when everything comes crashing down and how they got all this money to afford everything his first wife definitely Mer needsto leave him and the whole bunch actually they got all her seconds she was the first one so yeah you need to get out of there sweetheart really do but that’s only up to you to do that hopefully you’ll make the right decision and go on she’s got the prettiest eyes to it’s just sad they all got the leftovers honey

  4. This show is a sham. It is really not a plural marriage. It is a man with one wife shacking up with 3 other women and over the years lost interest in the other 3 women who he uses o keep the money coming in. Those women need to wake up. If it was indeed a plural marriage, they should all be willing to live in one house and live a so-called “plural” marriage.

  5. I don’t care for Robin. I think she has really caused alot of problems in that family.
    She’s always whining about something, they had a pretty good life before she came along.
    Just my opinion.

  6. I agree with Bev L. Robyn come in this married to take over everything including Kody.. When Meri gave up Kody to help get Rodyn’s kids that all it took. Janelle Christine and Meri didn’t have a chance left. Kody is a jerk and Robyn is a cry baby. Let them have each other. They will be broke and have each other. My rant.

  7. “He spends an hour on his hair”! And he ends up with that ridiculous Bozo look? I can’t believe that anyone aside from his concubines find it attractive. Everyone knows he lives off them and the stupid “show”. He tries to act macho. But he is just a clown. Creep!

  8. I have had it with this BS‼️ Kody has exhibited a marital GRIFTER type behavior that is UNACCEPTABLE‼️

  9. I agree that Robin was the destruction of whatever unity the family had. Kody gets his way because they let him. None of the so called wives need him as much as he needs them more for the money from the show than anything else. Christina appears to have sorta moved on , saying she is better on her own. Merri has absolutely no reason to stay. If she has a relationship with the kids, it will still be there if she moves on. She is still young enough to make a happy life for herself. Janelle is the smartest of all
    I think she came to terms along time ago that she was only a baby maker for kody and his inflated ego. He doesn’t make any of his children a priority except those of Robins. It is rumored that he has a fifth wife . I actually hope he does and that Robin gets a taste of what she caused
    He was musing about having more children
    Maybe #5 wife will add to his brood
    I don’t feel sorry for any of them except some of Janelle s kids who seem to be low on their dads list of interests. I doubt he knows any of their birthdays. Or his wife’s except robins. They are all really really really stupid.

  10. I agree with every single post on here, but the one about him desperately trying to stay young takes top honors. He’s a narcissist that has to be the smartest person in the room, else he pouts and puts down the women with his insults. His manipulations have taken their toll on these women. What’s unfortunate is that every one of those women are intelligent- and the one thing they aren’t using that intelligence for is getting him out of their lives. He’s disgusting, in appearance and in deed.

  11. I can’t believe all the crap he does and gets away with. Please people fof the other three wife and kids stop watching the show. He’s a bigger and Robyn is a home wrecker. Let make them go out and really work stop watching the show also I think it’s fun Mari seem to be do well with out him I love to see a show with the three other women and there kids do well and them find a real man it time for karma

  12. Well Kody and cry baby Robin need to stay together. After all she is the boss and he must like it that way. If Robin gets sad or cries it’s ok. But if Meri get sad or cries. Winnie Kody gets mad at Meri. Run Meri Run

  13. I agree with you all. He is ugly both inside and out. If their a good man, the outside is just a wrapper. A wife who loves can live with that, but when you have ugly on the inside, that’s a deal breaker. To be unfaithful and cruel to his true wife Meri makes him even uglier. She is a beautiful woman who is strong and capable. To even have a “sister wife” with such a wonderful person is wrong. He has all his other Interlopers and Meri thinking that without him they would be nothing? TLC is wrong in even airing this show. This is irresponsible on their part in teaching our Nation’s young women that this life is worth pursuing. Oh all hail the male. Robyn is a totally worthless woman. You don’t have to be married to gain custody of your kids, single Moms can tell you that. If you need to be “married” to get custody, unless you have done something so horrific that you need to be watched. She sucked up to Kody for a free meal ticket. Ruining any semblance of a normal life that they once can. TLC get this show off the air it is offensive, you stood by a watched that thing ruin a marriage. Meri became very depressed after her unfaithful husband wanted a younger “V”. Remember TLC this could become one of your daughters one day, want that at Christmas? Set Meri free to be herself, your beating this woman down for ratings. Watch how fast Robyn leaves. Get rid of it.

  14. What bugs me is how they won’t live together as one family, if they truly are a plural marriage, then it shouldn’t be a problem!! These women came into this knowing full well there were multiple wives, so get over it and live like what you say you are!! You’re all selfish and don’t even consider the kids, they’re family and they need to live together in one house, like brothers and sisters should!! Kody, you are an ass bad you ain’t even cute, you don’t deserve even one of those women!!! Grow the hell up and stop being selfish, all of you!!

  15. Kody is a ugly punk without his wives he is nothing He has made all of them go broke Rybon is a nasty cry baby that wants everything for her self and her kids she don’t care about the other wives and their kids Kody and Rybon deserves each other their both are just a piece of crap Merri is the smartest one of the family run Merri run and dont look back


  17. I don’t know what those wives see in him. He’s self centered obnoxious and not sexy. He’s not even a good father. Run for the hills wife’s. Meri should go move to her bed and breakfast.

  18. Why would any self respecting woman settle for this. It only benefits Cory, he can have his cake and eat it.. For these women to have children with him is beyond me, he can’t afford to support them but keeps having more and the burden of care and finanically fall on the women – no different than being a single parent and the baby dad come back time and time again to get it itch scratched and than leave to go to any number of other women that will settle for being treated in the same manner. TheThe women appear to be supporting him and his dominant ways. He wants to be the head of the household in every “family unit” and call the shots and than leave fir the women to pick up the pieces time and time again and the women allow it. It’s like having s husband cheat on you and having children with an other woman and not only once but multiple times but not take responsible for his selfish way. He sure as hell would want one of his keep women to have a male way in the wings to do the same to women like he is doing to them. And them to base this lifestule on his religious beliefs is a bunch of shit. WWJD surely not this lifestyle fir it countered dictate a very different thinking and action.

  19. Kodt is a narcissist. Every show is about “me, me, me”. Its about how many decisions He has to make, the demands on Him, etc. Why did he ever think this move would be good for his family. They were doing fine and enjoyed Vegas but He had to find a way to make sure TLC would keep filming so the cash would keep rolling in. I feel the only wife who trult wants him is Christine. Meri is done, Janelle is too smart, and robin, who I am sure is pregnant again, is just too busy. He is no catch. Sad part…the kids all look like him, the grandkids, too. Glad his kids are smart enough to denounce the lifestyle. I think Aspyn’s husband want more than one wife and will flip on her and ask to take more wives. Good luck. They are all hot messes.

  20. I watch the show from the UK still, perhaps because it’s so compulsively fake. The “family” depend on the show for their income & need to generate faux dramas to maintain ratings. Kody’s a vainglorious twat but the wives are just as bad for faking it.

  21. I agree with the other comments about Robyn. Never liked her and never will. I don’t have a clue why I still watch this show. I guess I’m waiting for Meri to get out of the relationship and have a wonderful life.

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