Sister Wives: Kody Tightens it Up a Bit?

Sister Wives: Kody Tightens it Up a Bit?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seems to have a subtle change in his appearance these days that seemed to take place in the last season of the TLC series. Now that Kody Brown’s getting older, is he opening his eyes to things he’s never done before? Or has he had a little help with his new daydream look?

Sister Wives: Kody Tightens it Up a Bit?

In the last decade of this popular reality show, the Sister Wives husband seemed to show off a facial grimace probably best described as severe. But suddenly Kody Brown’s face seems more relaxed and his eyes seem more open than usual.

If he appeared this way in just one or two shots, then one might blame the lighting or camera angle. But it’s not like that. This look doesn’t change when the lights alternate. Looks like Kody Brown may have had an eye lift, suggests some observant fans. His eyebrows used to look like they were drooping over his eyes. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

One fan suggested that the patriarch of the Sister Wives looks the same as another famous face. His eyes are similar to those of the late great Kenny Rogers after his facial surgery. The iconic country singer was very open about his plastic surgery.

Sister Wives: Just Ask His Wives

Sister Wives’s viewers know Kody is vain. His wives have said that in the past. Kody Brown’s daily hairstyle routine takes about an hour, according to his wives. He demonstrated his ritual on the show. In the season before last, his hairstyle routine was brutal.

He used the attachments on his hair dryer, like a defroster. Then came the styling products to fix every hair. He’s known to drive wives crazy waiting for them to get ready for an outing.

Kody Brown thinks so much of his hair that his wives have nicknamed his curly mane his fifth wife. So, it’s more than obvious that the sister wives share her husband are very concerned about his appearance.


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