Sister Wives: Kody and Unresolved Relationship Issues

Sister Wives: Kody and Unresolved Relationship Issues

Sister Wives ended his season with a bizarre screaming session from Kody Brown, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown who seemed to be running out of time. The last episode of the Sister Wives show saw Maddie Brown Brush give birth to her second child. While this was apparently the season finale, it didn’t seem so when the episode came to an end.

Kody is all about keeping Sister Wives afloat, so another season is probably on her wish list. But usually, the show closes with a “Tell All” segment and fans have a bunch of cliffhangers to chew on until the beginning of next season.

Missing Wives and Unfinished Business Shout Outs.

This time there is no “Sister Wives Tell All” planned. The cliffhangers looked like a series of afterthoughts of the trio of spouses who managed to show up on the couch. For a season ending like this, it’s weird. Not one, but two of the wives had disappeared without any explanation.

To say that not much thought was given to the final episode of the Sister Wives would be an understatement. As the clock was ticking, Kody, along with Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, tried to fill in some unfinished business that the fans couldn’t wait to see.

Kody began with “we have so much to do” as the credits rolled over his face. This is the little time he has left for a cliffhanger list. He says we still have to close on Robyn’s house. Robyn Brown is still in limbo, Kody says at the end of the season. Then Christine comes in with “we still have to get on the property at Coyote Pass.”

Sister Wives: Kody and Unresolved Relationship Issues

What will happen to the permanent houses of the Flagstaff is therefore also something to look forward to. Kody goes on to say that some relationships still need to be nurtured. But he said that with the same emotion you might use to tell someone you’re about to paint a fence. Anyone who observed Meri and Kody during the therapy session is well aware of the relationship issues.

Instead, the question should be: Will Meri Brown really come back to get more after the insults she has been choking down from her Sister Wives husband? The relationships he talks about probably include Meri as well as Robyn, who was not happy about buying the house they are waiting to close.

So if you’re looking for the Sister Wives that are in trouble this season, look no further. It seems that they were shaken in the blink of an eye as the show’s opening credits came to an end.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Kody strikes me as a major narcissist. From my point of view, it seems he never takes any responsibility, himself, for problems in any of his relationships with his wives. It’s all just very sad to me.

  2. That show this past season was about as exciting as watching paint dry ! Should be canceled for sure. I know they have to have something else more exciting to put in place of sister wives like seeking a sister wife that show was better ! Face the fact it’s ran its course . Sorry Janelle. Maybe make a show with Mattie and her husband and kids with Janelle visiting often and shut the door on kody Meri Christine and that whining Robin!

  3. I don’t think this show should be on tv is it not against the law to have all these wives any woman who puts up with this is in need of professional help life is hard enough without all the problems that are happening here kody is a selfish person and only cares about himself

  4. Kody has said that it might have been a mistake that “they decided” to leave Vegas. In fact, it was entirely his decision, and there was at least some degree of resistance voiced by each wife. He alone made the mistake, based upon false assumptions, e. g. the cul de sac houses would sell quickly, wives would be willing to live in one huge house, etc. Also, he has really been cruel to Mary and has been surprisingly rough on Robin for attempting to stand the ground. Everything that has gone wrong in this family in the past few years can be attributed to Kody Brown. No wonder none of his children want to begin their own plural families.

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