Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Janelle Brown Live In a $460,000 Arizona Home

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Janelle Brown Live In a $460,000 Arizona Home

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is running away from a family drama in a quiet $460,000 Arizona home with her husband, Kody Brown, and their children.

Janelle Brown, started renting the house in June 2018 for $2,900 a month. The brand new house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The kitchen boasts granite worktops, top-end furniture, an island and stainless steel appliances. The master bedroom has two “huge” walk-in closets and an “oversized” shower. The living room boasts a stone fireplace.

According to the real estate advertisement, the house is located in a “sweet and quiet” neighborhood close to bike paths and walking trails. The house also has a beautiful view of the mountains.

In the last season of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown and the family were filmed moving into the new house.

Janelle Brown is the mother of Logan, Maddie, Hunter, Robert, Gabriel and Savannah with Kody, 51.

The family is renting the house until they can afford to build on the Arizona property they purchased in June 2018 called the Coyote Pass.

First wife Meri Brown, 49, lives in a million-dollar house that she rents for $4,500 a month alone, since her only daughter with Kody, Mariah, lives in Chicago with her fiancée. His third wife Christine, 48, bought a house in September 2018 for $520,000.

Fourth and “favorite” wife Robyn Brown, 41, was forced to move out of her apartment during the show. Although she wanted to rent another house, Kody Brown “bullied” her into buying it because there were no rentals on the market.

Kody Brown even threatened to “break up” his marriage to Robyn if she did not agree to buy a house for their five children. Robyn Brown feared that buying a house would block the family’s building and that he would reunite at Coyote Pass.

The two of them ended up buying a huge house for $890,000. But as The Sun alone reported, on March 20, the couple applied for a $150,000 line of credit for the house, which was approved.

Fans suspect that Kody Brown doesn’t spend much time in Janelle’s house because they believe he’s in quarantine with Robyn. Meri and Janelle didn’t post pictures with her husband on social media.

As for Christine, she only posted with him on their wedding anniversary and their daughter’s birthday.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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  1. Kodys “job” has-been to knock up several women having them all work and he controls and spends Janell knows her situation we all do so if she has a brain cell that’s not knitted to kodys this house will be in only her name you people are NOT MARRIED to Kody Robyn is he’s a creepy dude who preys on desperate women and they go gaga disgusting

  2. If they are so financially strapped how can they pay the mortgages or rent payments on all their properties. Also they fly all over the country to see their kids. How can you speak d mi ye when you day you are broke.

  3. Kody makes me sick to my stomach. Meri needs to run as fast as she can to get away from him.

  4. If Robyn was half the woman she claims to be she too would divorce Kody and none of them would be legally married to him which is the way it should be, I honestly feel bad for Meri she made a huge sacrifice and got shit on in the process by everyone except Janelle.

  5. I’m so sick of these cry baby wives. Grow UP! U girls choose your lives. Kody, you’re a sick guy. I won’t support any of your lives & I don’t feel sorry for any of you!👹👹👹

  6. Why are all these women so crazy about Kody? He is sickening and that awful hair of his..ugh. Meri doesn’t need him. None of them do. Hey, where is all this money coming from for these extravagant houses? You ladies should leave this ungrateful , demanding, controlling “husband”. He is only married to Robyn. She should leave also.

  7. Seems like a bit much for house rental. That is 7 times what I pay. But I guess if they like putting out that much. Wish them the best. Don’t understand them but I still hope they get what they want.

  8. I do not understand how they can pay so much money in rent and expect to build 4 other individual houses. What are these jobs they have? What do they do? We never see them at their jobs or hear about them working.

  9. I agree once Meri divorced Jody she was like thrown to the curb. Robin she crys all the time over nothing. I don’t think kody did wrong in buying a house with Robin when there was no rentals he was just making sure the kids had a roof over their heads. I have never really cared for Robin from the time she came on the show and it only gets worse .

  10. Meri is an independent sales representative for LuLaRoe Clothing, Janelle does some type of skin care system. I cannot remember about Christine and Robyn do but the women all run businesses from the home

  11. When the show first started it was ok. I, like most viewers, was curious to watch this lifestyle behind closed doors. Cody (at that time) was funny. He seemed to be happy and the wives pretty much ran the show then. I think things gradually started to change after Cody “married” Robyn. I look at Cody now and he is has evolved into a very unlikable individual. I wonder if he ever watches the show and hears the things that come out of his mouth. He is always very high strung as if he’s on speed. He is always on the defense. Like I get it, the dude has more kids than Abraham but he’s a jerk. He lacks the ability to communicate in a calm manner. He looks like a maniac running around barking orders and shouting all the while he has these huge bald spots where his hair is falling out. I quit watching 2 seasons ago when he went into counseling with Mary and straight up told her he was beyond fixing things and told her she’s on her own. Ok… so usually that’s why couples go to counseling is to fix things? He’s crazy. Ladies, trust me…. there are better fish in the sea. Find you a man that is relaxed and calm and doesn’t need you to schedule an appointment to spend time with you only to go thru his list of rants and complaints. 🙄

  12. These people really need to spend whatever money they have on a financial planner to try and get out of the mess they’re in. I have no clue what Kody does for a living but apparently it doesn’t matter where he lives because he seems able to pick up and move on a dime. Janelle is/was supposedly a real estate agent but for 10 seasons (?) we never saw her put up a sign or host an open house until the “family” decided to move to AZ and she was the selling agent for they’re Vegas homes. IIRC, the contract to sell those houses went to an unknown broker after she sold one or two of the cul de sac houses. There’s been no mention if she selling real estate in Flagstaff. Christine supposedly sells Lularoe clothing on a part time basis and it’s recently been mentioned in the media that she’s trying to step up her game and work a little harder to get Kody’s attention. Kody likes a woman who can make money and contribute to the “family funds”. Speaking of family funds… I believe that Meri is truly the moneymaker in this unconventional family. She works a lot and it shows. She could easily part with the family and live quite comfortably on her own. I think the real reason she stays and follows along is because her name is probably on every financial document ever signed by Kody Brown. Should she decide to “divorce” Kody and her sister wives, she would probably lose a lot of money that she contributed to help pay for all those expensive homes, cars, and whatnot. And forgive me, but I don’t really think a traditional divorce is necessary unless their spiritual union includes legal documentation of some sort of partnership, which I doubt is the case. Besides losing a ton of money Meri put in to the family funds, I do believe she has close bonds with some of the younger kids that she would miss if she walked away. She’s never had much of a friendship with Janelle despite even trying therapy together, Christine has made it clear that she doesn’t like her and is downright nasty to her, and although she appears to have somewhat of a friendly relationship with Robyn, it was Robyn’s fault, or neediness, that put Meri in the position she’s in now. Oh… Does Robyn have a job outside of being a stay at home mom? That in itself is the hardest job there is, especially with the youngest kids in Kody’s Klan . I’ll give her a pass especially since she has to sleep with that creep most of the time.
    Bottom line is that Kody has dug himself a big hole and he’s taking down everyone with him. There is so much animosity in that family… Some deserved, some not. If TLC or another network doesn’t pick them up for another season, there is no way they could afford to live in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to. And the only person I feel bad for (besides the minor children), is Meri. She got the short end of the stick through no fault of her own but she’ll survive. I just know it!

  13. Cody brown is a useless pig he thinks he’s all that and a bag of fries he is A nasty A—pig I think Meri is the best of them all and Robin is a crying A—baby. That can’t do anything on her own without crying I am disgusted with the whole show. I wish Meri had her own show she would be terrific Janelle is another wimpy A— she just goes along with whatever and never disagrees with anyone l guess I’m over my rant but Robin and Cody deserve one another with out the others 3 women

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