Sister Wives: Meri Is Quieter Than Usual

Sister Wives: Meri Is Quieter Than Usual

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has experienced the most brutal season since the TLC show first aired on the TV screen a decade ago. Unless some of the scenes in the episodes were heavily scripted, then fans see Meri as hard bitten, chewed and then spat out of Kody Brown.

Of all the adult Sister Wives, Meri Brown was the most popular one on social media. She used to post almost every day and sometimes several times a day. But it’s not like that in real time. Once the episode aired, where the relationship between Meri Brown and Kody seemed to implode in the therapist’s session, Meri Brown seemed to semi-retire from her online posts.

Sister Wives: Meri Is Quieter Than Usual

Aside from a few inspirational blurbs, Meri Brown has pretty much kept a low profile on her sites. Sister Wives’s viewers were disappointed with Meri. The behavior of the Sister Wives matriarch around that therapy session left fans scratching their heads.

After Kody Brown scolded her in therapy, she didn’t get angry and left. No, she wanted to learn what she’d done wrong so she could change. Ouch. For some fans, Meri took a step back into another century.

She reminded some viewers that they saw these Sister Wives scenes from way back when women were expected to be submissive to men. What made Meri think she needed to change just to satisfy her common husband? Her comment seemed to baffle the fans.

Kody Brown wants Meri Brown to fix her relationships within the family. So in order for the husband of the nun’s wives to even consider a relationship with Meri, he must first fix the other relationships. Or at least “simultaneously,” he adds.

Sister Wives: Why Not Just Pack It In and Go?

Meri Brown said people always ask her why she doesn’t leave Sister Wives’s man. She says she can’t do it. If she left Kody, she’s leaving her family, too. But she can’t abandon good relations within the family.

“I can’t be her “Jesus,” Kody Brown told the therapist. He said he’s been trying to do that for years, and it hasn’t gotten him anywhere. So, Kody played Jesus for the sake of this Sister Wives relationship? He goes further and explains that he tried to be his savior and it didn’t work.

The therapist tells Kody, at some point, that he always seems to get what he wants. But he didn’t seem too concerned by her observation. So it seems that Nancy, the therapist, has figured out how Kody Brown sees himself.

Fans of the Sister Wives series always see and comment on Kody Brown. They don’t need a college degree to see that this guy is self-centered.

Any woman who received Kody’s insults in that therapy session would find herself mortified. He only claims to be with Meri Brown because of a moral obligation to her. So, fans want to know why this Sister Wives co-wife is making fun of staying after such an insult.

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  1. Meri is staying for a check !! If not she’s as dumb as they come. This show is so ridiculous it hurts it makes those women look like dumb asses like they don’t have a brain except for Janelle ! she’s the only one that has a brain . Meri. Christine and Robin need to sit down and watch the last season of shows to see how they look to the public. Wake up ladies it’s 2020 get a real man not some stupid ass that needs his ego stoked .

  2. Adoro a mery ,ela fala que ela não pode deixar a família, mas que família, a cristine não esconde que não gosta da meri demonstra claramente que tem inveja,a robim só usou a meri pra tirar proveito,agora que conseguiu o que queria que era ser a esposa no papel não ta nem ai pela meri ,em relação aos filhos ,não vejo nenhum demostrar afeto e carinho com a meri.A família da meri é a mãe e os irmãos. VAI EMBORA DEIXA DESSE HOMEM QUE TE HUMILHOU NA SEÇÃO DE TERAPIA ,E VIVE TE DESPREZANDO ,TU ÉS LINDA INDEPENDENTE E MERECE ENCONTRAR UM HOMEM QUE TE AME E SER FELIZ. ABRAÇOS

  3. Kathy, you are so right. I cringe when I decided to watch an episode because I know I will want to punch Kody in the throat. I used to think Meri was more independent, but her behavior lately is either passive-agressive, or just submissive. Since I can’t stand Kody, I don’t watch very much anymore.

  4. Mery is just a hater, she doesnt seem to be happy about anything. Everybody tries to include her but she always plays the victim. Mery just live life and stop being so dam bitter. You only live once. Be happy dude.

  5. I am an inactive member. Polygamy for survival maybe..,if it was necessary and todays folks were capable of the concept. Its sad this concept is misused by the folks we see .. fellows just more like superficial cheaters, ysers and yes, emotional abusers.

  6. How do we know how the kids feel if they hate her it’s because the bio mom said something around them all the time it’s called brain washing

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