Meri Brown’s Humorous Take on Kody in Season 18 of Sister Wives Has Fans Roaring

Meri Brown’s Humorous Take on Kody in Season 18 of Sister Wives Has Fans Roaring

Season 18 of Sister Wives has once again captivated its ardent fan base, but this time, there’s a twist. Meri Brown, who has arguably been the least favorite spouse of the Brown family patriarch, Kody Brown, is stealing the spotlight—and all for the right reasons.

In the most recent episode aired on Oct. 8, Meri left fans laughing out loud with her sharp wit, especially during her one-on-one confessional scenes. “Why is Kody suddenly so interested in my sleeping arrangements?” she mused. A fair question, considering he hasn’t shown any interest in her bedroom—or her for that matter—for over a decade.

This line of questioning arose when Kody Brown confronted Meri about her plans to move her clothing business to Parowan, Utah. Strangely, Kody showed no financial interest in her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, even before their spiritual divorce. So, why the sudden interest? Fans, just like Meri, were left scratching their heads. If her expressions could speak, they’d probably echo the thoughts of thousands of viewers: “What gives, Kody?”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Keeps Her Humor Amidst Difficult Times

While the season continues to unfold, revealing more about the complexities of the Browns’ relationships, one thing remains clear: Meri Brown has developed a healthy sense of humor about her marital woes. Episode 8 provided another unforgettable moment where Kody, in all his wisdom, suggested that the family should build a “barndominium” on their Coyote Pass property. His vision was for Meri to live in a loft above a large storage garage. Romantic, right?

With tongue in cheek, Meri noted in a confessional that Kody seemed to be grouping her with “the cars, the storage—the Meri.” While she wasn’t thrilled with the proposition, Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth wife, appeared to be. She was seen in the background, sporting a smile that looked more painful than joyful.

In a season already packed with high drama, Meri Brown promises to keep fans entertained with her wit and fearless takes on her family life. As we look forward to the remaining episodes, one can’t help but wonder how much more change is in store for Meri and the rest of the Brown clan.

Season 18 is far from over. In fact, if it follows the pattern of the previous season, fans can expect up to 14 episodes plus three additional tell-all episodes. Episode 8 alone covered through May, including a celebration of Janelle’s birthday. That leaves the entire summer and early fall for viewers to explore as the Browns navigate through significant changes.

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