Is Meri Brown Leaving the Sister Wives’ Financial Pool?

Is Meri Brown Leaving the Sister Wives' Financial Pool?

As drama unfolds in the 18th season of TLC’s Sister Wives, Meri Brown is attracting attention with her decision to move to Utah. Last week, she hinted at a revelation that could throw Robyn Brown and possibly Kody Brown into turmoil. The move is more than just a relocation; it seems to be a statement about where Meri stands within the Sister Wives family. Could this move mark the beginning of the end of Meri’s financial contributions to the collective pot?

Meri often cites “moving her business” to Utah as the main reason for the shift. She plans to base her operations on the B&B she owns there. This is interesting because the Sister Wives family has always had a common financial system. They combine their income into what fans affectionately call the “Sister Wives cookie jar.” Money from this pot is then allocated based on the family’s various needs. And as viewers know, it’s not just about sharing expenses; it’s about supporting the family structure they’ve built over the years. So when Meri talks about “moving her business,” it inevitably raises questions about her ongoing contributions to the shared family pot.

Viewers of the show will recall Janelle Brown noting that Robyn often received more than her fair share from the family finances. Even with Christine Brown out of the picture and Janelle considering leaving, it is plausible to think that their contributions to the common pot are dwindling. This has led fans to speculate whether Meri Brown’s upcoming move means she is the next to stop contributing to the joint funds. While she is still trying to work out her relationship with Kody, it does raise the question: will Meri’s income still find its way back into the family coffers?

Sister Wives: What Does This Mean for Kody Brown?

Kody Brown has been at the center of several controversies regarding the family’s finances. One of the family’s children, Gwendlyn Brown, has previously shed light on how Kody and Robyn seem to be living beyond their means. Meri’s move therefore raises questions about how this will affect Kody’s financial stability.

Now we must consider this within the context of Meri and Kody’s fractured relationship. Meri has made it clear that she does not want Kody to misunderstand her move as a withdrawal from their marriage. Still, the financial aspect could be an unintended but crucial factor in how Kody perceives the whole situation. The episode airing next week was recorded before the couple officially broke up. But could this move be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? If Kody is already stressed about finances, and with two women likely taking their finances out of the joint family account, Meri’s relocation could be interpreted as financial distancing.

Sister Wives: Meri’s Underlying Fears

Despite the complexities, fans of the show can’t help but feel that Meri is genuinely concerned about how her actions will affect Kody, emotionally and financially. While it seems like Kody has already moved on emotionally from Meri, in terms of finances, it’s a completely different story.

Fan forums are buzzing with theories. Some believe Meri’s main concern may be that she contributes to Kody’s financial stress. After all, her move comes at a time when multiple sources, including family members, suggest that Kody’s financial management is in question. So, could Meri’s move to Utah inadvertently increase Kody’s financial stress? Even if Meri has no intention of changing the financial status quo, Kody could interpret her move as the beginning of the end of their shared finances.

Meri’s upcoming conversation with Kody could well be the turning point not only for their relationship but also for the financial stability of the entire Sister Wives family. Stay tuned as this fascinating story continues to unfold on TLC.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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