Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Truly Backing Robyn Brown?

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Truly Backing Robyn Brown?

Meri Brown, a notable star of TLC’s hit show Sister Wives, recently voiced her support for her fellow spouse, Robyn Brown. This would not be big news if it were not for a certain psychologist, namely David Colarossi, who threw his analytical hat into the ring. He seemed to initially criticize Meri’s statement on his YouTube show, suggesting that perhaps Meri could not really stand behind Robyn while disagreeing with her. This caught Meri’s attention, leading to a recent backlash on social media.

Colarossi quickly felt the need to clear the air, claiming that his comments were more of an admiration for Meri’s ability to support Robyn despite disagreements. Even if that sounds like a psychologist backing down, it raises an intriguing point. With years of family dynamics in the Sister Wives storyline, can these women really support each other, especially if one has the keys to the family patriarch, Kody Brown?

Sister Wives: Can You Have Someone’s Back And Disagree?

Meri Brown seemed to interpret the psychologist’s statements as an accusation that she couldn’t have Robyn’s back because she disagrees with her. Colarossi hopped back on YouTube to explain that’s not what he meant. He’s a fan of Meri and even envisions her finding happiness like Christine Brown, another co-wife who’s notably living her best life post-Kody. But the question still lingers like an awkward silence: can Meri genuinely be in Robyn’s corner?

Robyn Brown herself seems to be in a complicated emotional whirlpool. On one hand, she’s vocal about feeling like an outcast among the Sister Wives; on the other, she’s not exactly rolling out the welcome mat for Meri, especially when she visits. Robyn might have Kody’s attention now, but she doesn’t seem willing to share even a sliver of that limelight. That raises questions, especially among the Sister Wives’ hardcore fan base.

Sister Wives: What’s The Real Deal With Meri & Robyn Brown’s Relationship?

Fans have a nose for drama, and they don’t hold back when it comes to dissecting Meri and Robyn Brown’s relationship. Several posts on social media label Meri’s “support” for Robyn as “vague.” Others insinuate that her support is solely motivated by Robyn’s influential position as Kody’s youngest wife. It is an age-old debate about sincerity versus strategic alliance. So when Kody indirectly echoes the sentiments of Robyn being treated badly, it adds another layer of speculation. Is Meri keeping Robyn close just to stay in Kody’s good books?

Yet, despite all the social media chatter and psychological research, we are still left with more questions than answers. One thing is clear: viewers are following every move, reading into every statement and waiting to see how this layered drama unfolds. If you’re as intrigued as we are, you definitely won’t want to miss the next episode of Sister Wives on TLC.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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