Fans Doubt If Kody Brown Is Happy In Polygamy.

Fans Doubt If Kody Brown Is Happy In Polygamy.

Kody Brown from “Sister Wives” pretended to be happy with his polygamous life for a while. But, as the Brown family started having problems, Kody admitted he was struggling in his relationships with three of his four partners. Some viewers think Kody was never really happy in any of his relationships, not even with his legal wife, Robyn Brown.

Fans Doubt If Kody Brown Is Happy In Polygamy.

Fans of the TLC show “Sister Wives” are starting to think that Kody Brown might not be suited for a polygamous life. Looking back at earlier seasons, some fans noticed that Kody didn’t seem happy with any of his wives, even Robyn, who he often praised for her loyalty. People are talking about this observation on platforms like Reddit.

One viewer pointed out, “I feel like I haven’t seen Kody laugh with any of his wives since possibly season 12. He laughs with ‘the bros’ but not his wives or, really, even his kids. He just doesn’t seem to enjoy being with any of them.” Another added, “I think he knows he’s a s* husband and that he’s failing them. So he is grumpy a lot.” A third person remarked, “Kody enjoys being a king who is adored and obeyed while displaying the empathy of a piece of gravel. He’ll never be fulfilled because no one will ever be able to be good enough for him.”

Kody Finds Joy In Spending Time With His Male Friends.

In recent episodes of “Sister Wives,” Kody seemed happiest with his male friends or away from his wives. For example, in June 2021, he went to officiate a friend’s wedding. There, he joked, smiled, and danced freely, unlike how he acts around his family.

In a surprising turn of events in September 2023, Kody openly criticized polygamy in front of his friends, stating, “Polygamy could be a gift where it dilutes personalities. But if I’m married to this woman and she’s really cantankerous and I don’t enjoy her. I can’t leave — it’d be nice to have another wife ’cause then I can get away from her for a little bit.”

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