Sister Wives: Is Sympathy for Robyn Brown Waning?

Sister Wives: Is Sympathy for Robyn Brown Waning?

Christine Brown has finally let the cat out of the bag about her real feelings for Robyn Brown, and fans have a lot to say.

For years, many of us have speculated that Christine Brown was keeping her true thoughts about Robyn a secret for the peace of the family. This week, all those rumors and suspicions were confirmed when Christine starred in season 18 of Sister Wives to reveal how she really feels about Robyn Brown.

In the episode, Robyn Brown expressed her desire for a better relationship with Christine. While holding back her tears, she confessed to Meri, I always thought that Christine would eventually open herself up to a relationship with me. I tried very hard to be kind to her.”

Oh, but Christine wanted none of that story. She hit back with a shocking on-screen confession, telling fans, “If it bothered her that she didn’t have a relationship with me, she should’ve said, ‘Hey, why don’t we have a relationship? Can we be friends?’ But I want you to know, I would’ve rejected her friendship anyway. To be completely honest.”

We have seen a new side of Christine that is quite revealing. She doesn’t hold back or sugarcoat her words. Watch this clip for the full confession.

Sister Wives: Is Sympathy for Robyn Brown Waning?

Oh boy, did fans have an earful to give. Just minutes after the episode aired, Twitter was ablaze with reactions. Viewers found the conversations between Robyn Brown and Meri Brown about Christine incredibly frustrating and accused them of twisting the story.

But Christine didn’t let us down. She took to Instagram to post a new photo, and the comments section was flooded with support from fans. One viewer emphatically said, “In tonight’s episode when Robyn said in so many words that the Christmas that you and Janelle spent together with the kids was a ‘cheap version’ I about lost it.” Want to dive deeper? Go to Christine’s Instagram post to read all the tea spilling comments.

What is clear is that Christine Brown is no longer walking on eggshells to keep the peace within the family. She has made her position clear and the fans are behind her. It’s a fascinating twist in a season that already promises more shocking revelations.

Written by Emma Fisher

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