Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Finally Answers the Nanny Question!

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Finally Answers the Nanny Question!

If you’re a diehard “Sister Wives” fan, you’ve probably pondered one pressing question: What does Robyn Brown’s nanny actually do? Ever since Robyn discreetly hired a nanny during the COVID-19 pandemic, this question has roiled the Internet, fueled Reddit discussions and ignited countless fantasy theories. Well, folks, Robyn has finally come clean. And believe us, her explanation has set the Internet ablaze.

During a recent broadcast of “Sister Wives” Season 17 Episode 2, Robyn Brown decided to shed light on the matter. She bluntly stated that life with Kody Brown is hectically busy and extra help is needed. The logic behind the nanny, Robyn reveals, is to make life more manageable for her husband, Kody. The Internet, however, is not convinced.

Robyn’s attempt at justification caused fans of the show to take to Reddit, where heated conversations are still ongoing. The consensus? Not everyone is convinced of her “nanny need.”

Sister Wives: Why Robyn and not the other wives?

Here comes the crux. While Robyn Brown, the most recent woman to join the family, gets extra help with her brood, Kody’s other wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine, have never enjoyed the same benefit. Despite having sizable families of their own-six children apiece for Janelle and Christine-they managed without any hired help.

Reddit users were quick to point out this glaring disparity. Many fans claim that Christine, who for years combined parenting and other responsibilities, never had a nanny. Furthermore, it is an open secret that Janelle worked outside the home, making Christine at one point the primary caregiver of eleven children. Yes, eleven.

Robyn’s unique situation raises eyebrows among fans, especially considering her relatively carefree life compared to the other women. She is often seen spending more time with Kody and does not have a steady job. Moreover, her older children are now teenagers, making it easier for her to manage her household without outside help.

Sister Wives: A fan favorite or family favorite?

Robyn has always been labeled the “favorite wife,” and this nanny issue has only fueled that perception. She enjoys privileges, such as spending more time with Kody and having older children who can help with household chores. But despite these benefits, Robyn still opted for hired help, which confused fans.

The justification that the nanny’s role is to “ease Kody’s burden” feels like a thinly veiled excuse to many avid viewers of the show. If Kody’s other wives have raised children without nannies, why does Robyn need one?

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