Sister Wives: Meri Brown Leaves Arizona, Fans Slam Kody and Robyn

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Leaves Arizona, Fans Slam Kody and Robyn

On a recent episode of TLC’s hit reality show Sister Wives, Meri Brown made headlines when she announced her decision to move her thriving clothing business to Utah, where she also operates a bed and breakfast. This surprising declaration left her husband, Kody Brown, 54, and fellow wife, Robyn Brown, 45, visibly puzzled. While Kody managed to keep his composure on screen, fans quickly discerned that he was far from pleased with Meri’s independent plans.

During a heartfelt confessional, Meri candidly expressed her frustrations. “I’m still getting a house here in Flagstaff,” she said, referring to the Arizona city where the family currently resides. Then, the tension in her voice rose. “Oh, and sometimes people have two homes,” she added, perhaps hinting at the inequities within their polygamist lifestyle.

Sister Wives: Fans Rally Behind Meri, Criticize Kody and Robyn

The internet was quick to react to this emotional episode. In the comments section and across social media platforms, viewers showed immense support for Meri, while also vociferously criticizing Kody and Robyn. One impassioned fan remarked, “I’m tired of watching Kody treat Meri like garbage! It’s painful for all of us at this point.” Another quipped, “Robyn’s behavior was truly disgusting this episode. A true friend would’ve helped Meri leave years ago.”

And it’s not just the fans who are rallying behind Meri. Exclusive reports from The U.S. Sun confirm that Meri has been spending a significant amount of time in Utah, away from her family in Arizona. Her $1.5 million Arizona home was even listed for rent earlier this year. According to insiders, Meri is “done having anything to do with Arizona” and is “moving on.”

While the details of her life changes remain under wraps, it’s evident that Meri is charting her own course. Kody and Meri, who have been grappling with marital issues, are said to be “working on their friendship” and taking “baby steps” to a more amicable future.

Fans are eagerly watching these developments, keen to see where Meri’s newfound independence will lead her. In a revealing Instagram post, she assured her followers that there is “so much more to be told about this story,” and that her “truth will be told.”

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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