Sister Wives: Meri and Co-Wife Christine Managed To Stay Out Of Lens

Sister Wives: Meri and Co-Wife Christine Managed To Stay Out Of Lens

Kody Brown and his wives seem to be the target of paparazzi nowadays, with new pictures from Sister Wives every day. In all cases so far it seems that at first they don’t know that there is a camera in the neighborhood. Then they seem to realize that someone is concentrating on them while their facial expressions change.

So far this week three of the adult Sister Wives have appeared on the pictures. This includes Kody, Janelle and Robyn Brown. Janelle and Kody’s youngest child, Savannah Brown, also appeared in the pictures.

The person who took these pictures also took pictures of Kody Brown’s pickup truck. He was first parked at the house he shares with Robyn and then again at a house that, according to a new report, is Janelle Brown’s place. But they describe her stay as a ranch and Sister Wives fans saw Janelle Brown move into a two-story house at the first landing in Flagstaff. While both Robyn Brown and Meri Brown had to move out of their original Flagstaff rental house, Janelle Brown stayed here. Or at least nothing was reported about another move within Flagstaff for the second wife of the Sister Wives tribe.

Sister Wives: Meri and Co-Wife Christine Managed To Stay Out Of Lens

So, the first pictures that appeared showed Kody Brown’s travels with a stop at Janelle Brown’s place. Here they masked themselves and talked outside. This also seemed to be the only time that no one was aware of the fact that someone was lurking behind the trees. Apparently the picnic maker was waiting to capture the scene. At first it didn’t look like Robyn Brown knew she was the target of a photographer. She got out of the car and like most people, she adjusted her clothes. It wasn’t until she walked a little further that she seemed to see the person taking pictures.

Now it seems that the paparazzi-style work is resurfacing from the house of Janelle’s Sister Wives. This time without Kody Brown there. It seems that Janelle may have stepped outside to get her mail. Or maybe she took something out of the car because she just walked across the driveway.

At first she didn’t seem to realize she was caught on film. But then it seemed like she was staring straight at it. So, with only two co-wives missing from these images, will Christine Brown or Meri appear next?

Fortunately Christine Brown has a lot of open space around her house. So a hiding place seems hard to find. The same cannot be said of the original Sister Wives matriarch. Her property seems to be lined with trees.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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