Sister Wives Meri Does About-Face

Sister Wives Meri Does About-Face

This last picture shocked the followers of the TLC series. Especially the Sister Wives fans who talked for months about the downfall of Meri and her husband Kody Brown. The picture was well received by the followers of Meri Brown. But some wanted to know what’s going on with Meri Brown’s reprimands?

The viewers of Sister Wives gave up their thumbs for Meri. She said she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, but she does anyway. While she said she realizes she’s making her life visible to everyone, in the end it’s her life. She doesn’t have to explain herself.

Several fans disagreed with Meri Brown’s thoughts about her sudden disclaimer. Yes, she puts herself out there, but look what the fans see. Kody Brown destroyed her in the last couple of seasons. In the last few episodes, Meri was so sad that fans were worried about her.

Many of the Sister Wives fans watched as Meri Brown seemed painfully hurt by her shared husband. So they offered their support. Of course they pleaded for her to leave, she seems so miserable. But not today Meri Brown bites back at those caring fans. She tells them not to give up hope, because she stays put.

Sister Wives Meri Does About-Face

Another fan who sounded a bit snarky after Meri Brown’s words may at some point have sounded a few Sister Wives lovers. Several people thought they had blamed these rumors about the Sister Wives couple breaking up on the fans’ shoulders.

After explaining that she has been in this committed relationship for 30 years and she loves Kody she offered a slam. A few of her followers caught her sarcasm. So, it sounds official from Meri. The original matriarch of the Sister Wives is not going to leave Kody Brown. Then she seems to break back to her fans. Meri Brown warns them that despite the rumors that suggest she’s leaving… “don’t get your hopes up on that.”

A lot of her fans seemed excited that she finally took on this constant chatter. But others pointed the finger at her. To begin with, Meri started with the confusion of the Sister Wives, suggested by a few fans. Her gloom and doom over the show during Sister Wives’s last season followed a barrage of sad quotes and open-ended messages.

Fans could only assume that Meri Brown had trouble leaving with Kody Brown. That’s because most of the things she said came across as a woman getting ready to go into life on her own. The viewers who came to take care of this co-wife for a decade, went behind her. They wanted her to leave and find happiness.

Even as she claims to stay with him, some fans are still confused about her choice. They saw how Kody Brown treated Meri Brown in the show. They also remember the terrible things he said to her, including how he felt Meri was manipulating him in their marriage.

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