Sister Wives: Kody Annihilates Meri

Sister Wives: Kody Annihilates Meri

Kody Brown did a number on Meri Brown in the therapist’s office. He said she manipulated him in marriage. Fans came by quickly and furiously because they thought he was talking about her as if she were some kind of evil person.

Sister Wives fans talked about this scene for months. This began a tsunami of supplications for Meri Brown to jump. But she didn’t and as she said on the weekend, she loves him and she stays. Meri Brown spun quotes that suggested she suffered from sadness and loneliness since the last Sister Wives season ended.

Fans ran with this belief that she was preparing to get off Kody’s radar.But her latest declaration seems to give her husband of 30 years a pass. Over the weekend, Meri Brown said they are struggling like most families.

While she wasn’t talking about Kody Brown’s less than stellar comments from the therapist’s office, fans thought she had that incident in mind. So, Kody’s apparently apologized for shooting off his humiliating thoughts about Meri Brown in this public space, which is an episode of the Sister Wives series.

This was not the first time that Kody publicly insulted one of his wives. All four of them have had their day when it comes to their sister woman’s husband making his thoughts known in public. This kind of public display of the shared husband of Sister Wives came out in episodes, in stories he told during the show, during the Sister Wives “Tell All”, and in a book the husbands wrote many moons ago.

Christine heard Kody tell this humiliating story. He said that when they met, he took a road trip with Janelle and Christine Brown. The future third wife of the Sister Wives brood was sitting in the back seat. When they stopped at a roadside restaurant with a supermarket inside, Christine Brown ran in and got nachos.

Kody described it as a huge portion of Nachos and cheese. When they got back on the road, Kody looked in the rearview mirror. He described seeing this fat young woman wriggling on these nachos with cheese all over the world. He was scolded and cooled his heels chasing Christine Brown for his Sister Wives clan.

When Christine Brown heard him tell the story, she said she didn’t know Kody felt that way about her before she became a Sister Wives-bride. But she made light of Kody’s story, again like Meri did recently. Both seemed to give Kody a pass. Christine Brown made almost nothing of it, she took it very lightly.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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