Sister Wives: New Season for Kody

Sister Wives: New Season for Kody

Unless Kody Brown and his crew explore another avenue this new season, viewers may lose interest. Unless they change it a little, people may think it’s a family that likes to move around a lot. Not to mention moving before and after the move.

In recent seasons, fans of the TLC reality show complained that the storyline was getting stale. Some suggested that anyone tuning in for the first time might not make a return visit because it got monotonous.

But Sister Wives’ family members may have heard what the fans had to say during the inter-season break. If so, hopefully they’ve found a way to spice it up a bit.

TLC has still not said a word about the new season. But several members of Kody Brown’s tribe have. Months ago, a few women and a few adult children confirmed a new season of Sister Wives at work.

So the fans know that a new season is coming up. But will it arrive anytime soon? When can Sister Wives fans expect this? Don’t despair, it seems that history is already starting to repeat itself when it comes to a seasonal rollout.

The last seasons premiered in January. The seasonal trailer hit the airwaves in mid-December. So the fans only had a few weeks to report that Sister Wives’ show was ready to return and it did so on January 5.

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