Sister Wives: All Bases Covered For Kody Brown?

Sister Wives: All Bases Covered For Kody Brown?

Janelle Brown was a great fixer of things, especially when it comes to finances. Meri, in her role as the Sister Wives matriarch, seemed to offer strength to her shared husband. She supported him when he went to do something. Like hiring a fourth wife.

Christine Brown, who calls Kody Brown the “nice wife” of the Sister Wives, treats him like a hungry child who comes home from school when he shows up. She waited for him while she scooped out what he wanted to eat at that moment.

Then there is Robyn Brown, she swooned over the man she married the longest. Without Robyn the jealousy would probably have stayed at least. But, the drama brings them in, so whether you like Robyn Brown or not, her presence seemed incredibly important to keep the viewers on the line.

It seemed that every wife fulfilled a need in the husband of this Sister Wives of four. This included the motherhood of Christine Brown to the financial management of Janelle Brown. Meri Brown sometimes acted as a life coach. Then of course there is Robyn Brown, who remained so in love with him that it seemed to help his ego. Well, fans agree that Christine is also doing well when it comes to caressing Kody Brown’s attention-hunting behavior.

Sister Wives: All Bases Covered For Kody Brown?

Yes, the patriarch of Sister Wives seemed to have covered everything she needed to in this plural marriage. But Kody Brown’s wives were getting older and like everyone else, you start to rethink things over the years.

One wife experiences all the empty-nest syndrome with two other women not far behind. The children are getting older with many of them now adults. Meri Brown, Janelle and Christine seem to become more independent along the way. That doesn’t mean they want to get out. But it does seem as if they’ve learned to get along well on their own. After all, the man of the house isn’t always there, he divides his time between four women of Sister Wives.

If you’ve seen the last two Sister Wives seasons, it’s easy to see how much their interactions have changed. Kody Brown hears a lot more “no” from his wives than during the first couple of Sister Wives seasons. That was a word he barely heard in the early days of Sister Wives.

Starting with wife number one, Meri Brown. She was Papa Brown’s partner in crime, so to speak. She was his cohort and supported him when he started something new. Evidence for this comes from the episodes where he chased Robyn Brown. The Sister Wives also write about this in their book.

Not only did Meri Brown choose to be the fourth Sister Wives wife, but she also helped pave the way for Robyn within the family. In the last few seasons Meri Brown came into her own. She has built a lucrative career for herself and she has grown a lot towards her own independence.

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