Sister Wives: New Season Confirmed

Sister Wives: New Season Confirmed

Kody Brown surprised the fans even more with whom he appeared in that picture after months of absence of the cameras. That’s Meri Brown, the original matriarch of the Sister Wives clan.

Without Meri, this wouldn’t really be a reality show for the Sister Wives fan base they’ve collected over the years. So, after months of chatter suggesting that Meri Brown left her shared husband, it seems time to stop this. Meri Brown declared “I love this man” while standing next to him in a photo. She also said that she is staying with Kody and the family.

So it seems that the head of the family needed honcho and his first wife to reassure the fans and trivialize the last buzz. For the premiere of the new season, they are letting everyone know that Meri Brown is still aboard the SS Sister Wives. It looks like they’ll have to crush the chatter forever to tempt Meri Brown’s fans to return.

Sister Wives: New Season Confirmed

While the TLC network stays mummy on Sister Wives Season 15, a couple of husbands confirmed it’s on its way. Kody and his Sister Wives ladies seem to be making loose ends for their new season premiere. A couple of the ladies, as well as some of the adult children, have validated the filming of the new season.

Looking back, TLC seems to have been playing their hand in the same way for the last few years. It starts with one of the family members casually announcing the renewal of the series. Then others follow and it usually happens while chatting with the viewers. But while the audience waits for the official word of TLC in the past, suddenly the promo and the start date pop up.

But when can fans expect this? While previous seasons of Sister Wives roll out at any time of year, they now seem to settle into a pattern. The last few started in January with the promo that only surfaced a few weeks before the start date. So it won’t come as a surprise if the new promo shows up soon. If so, then Sister Wives Season 15 in January can roll out just as it did in the recent past.

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