Sister Wives: Robyn An Offering For Kody?

Sister Wives: Robyn An Offering For Kody?

The Sister Wives ladies’ attitudes changed over time. But a description of Robyn Brown’s entry into the family, which came from one of her fellow brides, seems a little strange. Or it did to followers when Christine Brown explained this a few years ago in a book that the Sister Wives adults wrote together.

Christine Brown made Kody Brown out to be her everything. She claimed that the husband of her Sister Wives was the most important person in her life. She wrapped her world in her husband, but she felt set aside when a new bride came aboard. Then she worried that Robyn Brown was taking her place and monopolizing much of his time.

But in the end, she rationalized Kody Brown and his younger husband into what fans of Sister Wives thought sounded strange at the time. It seems that this third woman who married Kody saw Robyn Brown almost as a gift he deserved.

In spite of her broken state of mind due to the thought that his new husband is taking her place, Christine Brown put her husband back up on the Sister Wives pedestal. Christine Brown repeats again and again how she always wanted to marry third in a plural marriage. But in the end she confessed that she also wanted to be the last bride on board.

After a long period of whining and mosquito sifting from her joint husband, Christine Brown said she reduced him to tears. He told her how he wanted his best friend back. Although she still felt that Robyn Brown was wiping down and taking her place, she did what she thought was best for Kody Brown.

She realized that Robyn Brown was top when it came to kindness, generosity, and spiritual intellect. Christine said she wouldn’t let Kody Brown marry an inferior woman. She also saw how in love her husband was with his newest husband. This was enough for her to accept Robyn Brown into the family. This also sounds like what Christine Brown sent over the edge during the early episodes of the show.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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