Welcome to Plathville: Olivia’s Business Hurt by the Show?

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia’s Business Hurt by the Show?

Anyone who has watched Welcome to Plathville knows that the nine Plath children have had a unique childhood. Kim Plath and Barry Plath raised their children in a sheltered lifestyle. The parents restricted the use of technology, such as TV, radio, cell phones and the Internet. Kim Plath also trained the family at home. The show showed the viewers that the children received a good education. But Ethan Plath said that none of the older siblings have a high school diploma. Or even know enough to pass the test to get a GED.

And, Ethan said that his Welcome to Plathville parents made them pay for all their own stuff, including their clothes. When asked if his parents helped with any of the children who had moved, Ethan Plath certainly didn’t say. Even when Ethan, Micah and Moriah Plath all lived at home, they paid for their cars, insurance and everything they needed. Then Ethan Plath said that Kim Plath asked him to bring a letter to the post office when he lived there and did not have his own car.

Ethan Plath also revealed that the children of Welcome to Plathville were never taken to a hospital. And that one of his sisters ate some berries when she was five years old and got sick. His sister’s hair fell out and it took months before she got better. But the Plath’s never took her to a hospital or even to a doctor. And Olivia Plath said that Kim Plath never seemed to be affectionate or loving to the children. At least not that Olivia was ever a witness.

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia’s Business Hurt by the Show?

The viewers of Welcome to Plathville watched Olivia Plath as she tried to resolve the conflict with Ethan Plath’s family. But many thought that Ethan went from one controlling woman, his mother Kim Plath, to the other, his wife Olivia.

Fans thought that Olivia was taking Ethan Plath away from his family. And that she caused a lot of conflict. Even though Olivia helped Ethan Plath gain his independence and learn to deal with the real world, many fans thought that Olivia was the real villain of the reality show.

And at the end of the original season, some fans freaked out to express their opinions. Olivia Plath said she had customers complaining that the fans of Welcome to Plathville contacted them to talk about Olivia.

Or just to ask if people really paid photographers to fly out and do a wedding photo shoot. These people believed that Olivia in the show lied about her work and career. Olivia said she was paying some clients back because of these phone calls. The clients canceled her because they didn’t want to be involved in the drama.

Between that and the pandemic, Olivia’s business disappeared. She struggled to earn enough to stay afloat. Fortunately, Ethan’s work survived the pandemic, so they had his steady income. But welcome to Plathville’s Olivia had to work hard to rebuild her photo business. Now, Olivia said things are getting back to normal and she’s been able to work again. Fortunately, Olivia’s business is now stable again.

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