What Is Ethan Plath’s Job Outside Of ‘Welcome To Plathville’?

What Is Ethan Plath’s Job Outside Of 'Welcome To Plathville'?

When Welcome to Plathville debuted on TLC in 2019, the network presented another large and somewhat unconventional family to offer its large fan base. And predictably, tons of viewers enjoyed the family dynamic, including the rebellious older children and the family’s strict rules on pop culture, alcohol, and even sugar consumption.

Among the ‘rebellious’ kids is Ethan Plath, who married his wife Olivia Plath not long before the series began and has had a hard time transitioning from Plath’s golden boy to someone who lives in the real world watching mainstream television and occasionally drinking Coke.

But because the relationship between him and Olivia Plath and his parents is so strained, fans have questions about them, such as what Ethan’s job is. His career has taken a back seat to the drama.

What Is Ethan Plath’s Job Outside Of ‘Welcome To Plathville’?

Although Ethan Plath did not talk much about his work in Welcome to Plathville, his love of cars says it all. He talks openly about his interest in restoring old cars and collecting them if possible. He also has an eye for luxury sports cars, and his bio on Instagram even says he is a “car lover” and is always looking for a new project.

Probably because Ethan Plath is a mechanic. In one of TLC’s extra segments devoted to Plath family members, he explained that he has always had an interest in machinery and how things work. Along with his love of cars, it made sense for him to seek a career as a mechanic. He could open his own garage, especially if he and Olivia Plath could earn some extra money from participating in Welcome to Plathville.

In season 4, episode 2, of Welcome to Plathville, Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath recently moved to Tampa, Florida. Olivia talked about how the move has affected her husband’s work situation. “Ethan hasn’t picked up another full-time job since he quit his last when we moved down here, and he gets bored a lot,” she told producers.

In an episode of the Reality Life With Kate Casey podcast, Ethan told Kate that when he was younger he dreamed of becoming a pilot. “I always expressed interest in doing that,” he said. Fortunately, he has managed to turn his love of cars into a career and seems to be very happy when working on vehicles of any kind.

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