Welcome to Plathville: Marriage Struggles for Ethan and Olivia

Welcome to Plathville: Marriage Struggles for Ethan and Olivia

During the first season of Welcome to Plathville, Ethan Plath had just married Olivia Plath. And the duo seemed to have a lot of problems with Ethan Plath’s parents. Kim and Barry Plath raised their children in a very sheltered environment. So they felt that Olivia Plath had exposed Ethan and his younger siblings to too many new things. That’s why they didn’t really want her around. Kim Plath told Olivia that she had a bad influence on the Plath children.

And Olivia didn’t think Ethan Plath was defending her or taking her side. So their marriage began to crumble. That’s when Ethan Plath realized how important Olivia Plath was to him. And by the time the second season was broadcast, Welcome to Plathville’s oldest son had severed ties with his parents. Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath began counseling and planned to move further away from his family. So they could concentrate on their marriage and make it work. Now the couple seems to be doing really well.

In a recent episode of the popular reality show, Welcome to Plathville, Olivia got a navel piercing. Fans watched while Ethan made it clear that he didn’t approve. Ethan Plath even tried to talk Olivia Plath out of it beforehand.

Ethan Plath said making holes in your body didn’t make sense to him. And he was worried that the navel piercing would affect their sex life. Olivia Plath explained to him that they just had to be careful in that area for a few weeks. And that it was her body and her decision to make.

Ethan admitted it and told her she was right. So, he went with Olivia Plath to get the navel ring to show his support. And Olivia appreciated the effort he made.

But it was clear in the store that Ethan Plath felt uncomfortable. He couldn’t even watch Olivia Plath get pierced. Ethan said his Welcome to Plathville upbringing didn’t prepare him for something like this. And Olivia Plath was just teasing him. The two of them laughed at the whole experience together.

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