Welcome to Plathville: Ethan and Olivia Get Help

Welcome to Plathville Ethan and Olivia Get Help

In the first season of Welcome to Plathville, fans saw the conflict between Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath’s family grow. Kim and Barry Plath made it clear that they felt Olivia Plath was a bad influence on their children. And that they didn’t want her around.

They even told Ethan Plath that he could come any moment as long as he didn’t take Olivia Plath with him. Otherwise, the two needed Barry and Kim to supervise them while they spent time with Ethan Plath’s siblings.

Olivia said she felt hurt that Ethan wasn’t doing more to defend her. And that the stress and pressure from Ethan’s Welcome to Plathville family created a problem for the couple.

The Plath parents were also very strict. And Ethan Plath led a protected life before he married. He and Olivia Plath never even kissed, except on the cheek, before they got married. So, the two barely knew each other and they both had a lot to learn. About themselves and about each other. This also caused conflicts in their marriage and the couple considered divorce.

Welcome to Plathville: Ethan and Olivia Get Help

In addition to the conflict with Ethan’s Welcome to Plathville parents, the two had other problems to work through. Like the fact that Ethan Plath didn’t understand women at all. He didn’t even know menstruation existed before he moved in with Olivia. He and his wife Olivia dealt with a lot of things.

When Olivia Plath decided to get a navel piercing, Ethan tried to talk her out of it. He finally gave in and agreed that she should be able to do what she wanted. But Ethan said it was hard for him to see his wife as an equal because of his parents. Barry Plath and wife Kim taught Ethan that women are the caregivers and the man is the boss. This Welcome to Plathville upbringing skewed his ideas about what his relationship should be like.

But Ethan Plath didn’t want to lose his wife. So he broke off all contact with his parents from Welcome to Plathville to make his marriage to Olivia Plath a priority. The two agreed that they needed distance from the Plath family in order to work on their relationship.

They wanted to have the space to find out what they expected and needed from their marriage. In the second season, Olivia revealed that the divorce was on the table. And that the couple was taking steps to prevent that from happening. Olivia said that she and Ethan decided to go to counseling. Now, the couple seems to be doing much better.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.

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