Sister Wives: Finagle the Family Finances

Sister Wives: Finagle the Family Finances

It has not been a smooth road for Kody Brown and his four brides. No, the Sister Wives series was cancelled once and then moved to a much later time. The TLC reality series with this polygamous family was originally in the coveted 20 hour time frame. A prime-time dream for any show looking for success.

After Season 11, the rating dip apparently caused enough concern for TLC to put the Sister Wives series on the chopping block. The story goes, the father of 18 fought tooth and nail to keep the show on screen.

With money as ammunition, Kody Brown won the battle and the Sister Wives series continued. What he finally settled is probably unheard of in reality show negotiations. But this is Kody Brown and he marches to the rhythm of his own drummer.

Sister Wives: Finagle the Family Finances

A desperate Sister Wives patriarch took a huge plunge in salary for another chance to get his show back on TLC. Reportedly, each adult received a salary of just under $200,000 per season. Kody Brown offered to tear down four of those paychecks and take only one salary of $180,000 for Season 12.

To this point, that’s what only one of the Sister Wives adults reportedly took in for a salary. So, Kody Brown not only got another season, but apparently four more, because number 15 is about to roll out.

While that was presented as a major roadblock, this guy of four worked it through. Then the family from this multiple marriage came closer to late-night TV instead of their original time lock. They traditionally have right smack dab at the beginning of prime-time, 8pm. But then TLC moved the series a few hours later.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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