Sister Wives: Robyn Gets Spare Lot

Sister Wives: Robyn Gets Spare Lot

It seems that Robyn Brown and Kody Brown own that luxury house and an adjacent building site. This is not a new purchase. This Sister Wives real estate transaction made Kody and Robyn the owners of the house they live in today.

But it seems that fans are wondering why this Sister Wives couple need an extra building plot next to their new home. Especially when Coyote Pass is still asleep after two years of ownership.

The news of this extra piece of land attached to Robyn’s property surfaced a while ago. But now that there is still no movement on Coyote Pass, fans are wondering what is going on. Have the plans for the four Sister Wives houses or Kody Brown’s one big house just filled up?

Robyn has the youngest offspring of the family with Arie Brown 4, and Solomon Brown 9. Then Truely Brown, the daughter of Christine Brown, is 10 years old. After these three youngest brown offspring there is a jump in age. Come this July when Breanna Brown turns 16, all three youngest children mentioned above are old enough to ride.

Twelve of the Sister Wives children are of age, so the big Sister Wives are already hatching for housing. With college and weddings, some of the children have already moved.

It seems that the empty nest syndrome is just around the corner for Janelle Brown and her youngest, Savanah who recently turned 16. Meri’s litter is empty and has been empty for a while now. She moved in that phase of her life when her only child moved to Chicago.

Christine still has a few years left before Truely flies the loft, but that probably leaves her with only one home sooner rather than later. So it doesn’t seem logical for Kody Brown’s colossal house. If they did go with the big house, the women would probably be able to shrink all those bedrooms. Except Robyn with two little ones.

Robyn’s plans also ask for Dayton to live at home while he goes to college. The same goes for individual houses they are allowed to build, because if the children go out into the world alone, they will need less space. It won’t take long now that Sister Wives’ ladies are fully grown with most of their children.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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