Sister Wives: How Does Kody Keep All His Ducks In A Row?

Sister Wives: How Does Kody Keep All His Ducks In A Row?

Sister Wives, celeb Kody Brown and the secret of his four wives for a long life, is perhaps something else than Kody Brown’s tight night schedule. The patriarch of Sister Wives immediately became an icon when he first gave people a glimpse into his polygamous lifestyle more than ten years ago. Curiosity got the best of Sister Wives viewers and brought them back every season.

But when it comes down to it, all the drama keeps the Sister Wives alive in the ratings. Kody Brown presented a lifestyle that was hard to ignore. Cheating husbands and wives fill the courtrooms throughout the nation with jealous husbands. So when this guy came along who not only sleeps with four women, but is married to all four, the attention was noticed.

Sister Wives: How Does Kody Keep All His Ducks In A Row?

So, how is he doing? This was one of the first questions that came out of Sister Wives’ audience. Ironically, it sounds like Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown revealed the real truth a long time ago. But they don’t seem to demonstrate it at the show in front of the viewers. From what Kody and his wives mentioned a while back about their lifestyle, it sounds a little different from what the audience sees. Some of what the Sister Wives have revealed about themselves in the past doesn’t seem to offer that wow factor. And they need some wow to bring people back every new season.

Most successful reality series fill their episodes with drama and it seems that the Sister Wives adults have figured that out pretty quickly. Many moons ago the five adults of the Brown family wrote a book. It didn’t seem to reveal anything that resembled a festival of romance that germinated for Kody Brown and his wives.

So this plural marriage first came together with Kody Brown and Meri Brown who adopted a second wife, Janelle Brown. But it had nothing to do with the fact that Kody Brown fell head over heels for Janelle Brown.

Instead, he allegedly loved her, respected her, and enjoyed talking about their career goals together. What seemed to place more emphasis was what Janelle Brown could offer the family of three. Although she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she had a well-paid job and was a hard worker. Janelle Brown pointed out how much she felt like a guest in the house she shared with this couple. Sometimes she felt welcome for so long. Especially in her first year she did not feel like a wife. This was before Christine Brown entered the picture as wife number three.

But it sounds like she made life easier for Meri Brown, who also worked outside the house. The first Sister Wives wife would take time off to be with Kody. His job meant he had to travel for days. The head of the Sister Wives honcho often invited Meri Brown to go with him. But not Janelle Brown, she stayed at home most of the time Kody traveled.

Meri Brown, took time off from work to do so. She was not paid for her days off. Because the Sister Wives’s Trio was struggling with bills, Janelle Brown was not happy about this.

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