Sister Wives: Meri Pops Her Head Out

Sister Wives: Meri Pops Her Head Out

It came as a surprise to some of her Sister Wives lovers that Meri Brown plans to stay with both Kody Brown and their family. As the viewers of the show suggest, Meri didn’t appear as a wife who gained a lot of respect from Kody Brown or her co-wives over the past few seasons.

The sharp remarks of her Sister Wives’ husband and her co-wives led the viewers to assume that she is about to sail out. Meri fed those thoughts with her cryptic messages that seemed to suggest she was miserable within her plural marriage.

Apparently, they have forgiven each other’s shortcomings today. Or… maybe they’ve forgotten them too. Meri’s statement puts her back where she started. She is still Kody Brown’s first wife in this famous Sister Wives wedding in which five participants participate.

Sister Wives: Meri Pops Her Head Out

Meri looks happy and maybe even content in the photo above where she is partners with Kody. The Sister Wives patriarch and matriarch appeared to utilized that adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.. With that picture she made her statement and took a standpoint.

So now her fans know she’s decided. She is still in love with her husband and she stays put. But they don’t know how she got to this point. As for those who followed her, Meri’s statement was a surprise, as many of her supporters of Sister Wives didn’t see it coming.

Well, it seems that Meri Brown has decided to inform the people in her job today about how she came to this big decision. Or maybe it wasn’t a decision at all. It is possible that Meri has always felt this way and the cryptic messages were just sprinkles to keep the interest in the show.

People probably wouldn’t t tune in to Sister Wives if it was a show about four women with one man happily doing everyday tasks. No, they want drama. So did the drama she created play a role in her year-worthy cryptic messages she offered to fans? If so… apparently it worked. The masses absorbed every word Meri wrote between seasons.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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