Sister Wives: Mask-Less Holiday

Sister Wives: Mask-Less Holiday

A video of the occasion shows Meri Brown sitting among some of the family’s teenage daughters. One of those older children was actually sitting on her lap. The first thing you notice is that not a single soul is wearing a mask. The older kids almost seem to be molded into their chairs in the living room. So, this is probably an after-dinner shot of the Sister Wives family. They have that look about them, the one you see in living rooms across the nation after a vacation dinner.

After the family devours Christmas, it’s the time of day. While no one in the Sister Wives’ clip seems to loosen their waistband, they all seem a bit underhanded. All except little Ariella Brown.

Ariella, 4, is the youngest child of Kody Brown and Robyn Brown. She is also the youngest member of the Sister Wives clan. She seems to zoom through the house on those little legs of hers, as everyone else looks like they could use a nap.

Sister Wives: Mask-Less Holiday

Yep, the Sister Wives clan looks like a maskless bunch this vacation season. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t taken precautions. It seems that Gwendlyn Brown, the 17-year-old daughter of Janelle and Kody, has explained how the family has been preparing. She offered her fans the low-down on the family’s preparations for Christmas this year. It seems the Sister Wives dad, moms and kids have all been tested for Covid.

She didn’t say how those tests came out. But, she did say that they have been napping for two weeks leading up to Christmas. So, it sounds like all the tests came out okay. But did they really stay as close to home as it sounds? Both Kody and his fourth wife were seen separately during that time.

Apparently, these two weeks of seclusion kept them free from other people. So, even when they finally got together for the vacations, it appeared that they sensed their isolation enough to feel safe. Most people within a family don’t walk around the house wearing a mask.

But four households make up the Sister Wives’s family. This equates to nearly two dozen people. That number does not include significant others for Kody Brown’s adult children. So, this preparation staying away from everything for two weeks was probably not an easy task. Although this does not mean that everyone stayed home for an entire two weeks.

A photographer captured Robyn and her daughter walking down a city street wearing their masks. Those photos showed up just last week within the two-week time frame before Christmas.So, maybe the Sister Wives‘ co-wife stayed home.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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