Sister Wives: Salary Negotiations Via Kody

Sister Wives: Salary Negotiations Via Kody

Kody Brown seems to report financial problems. But on paper it doesn’t look like the Sister Wives clan is removing the drain from poverty. Recent reports put the net value of Kody at around $800,000. Meri Brown, the first wife of the Sister Wives family, comes in with an estimated net value of $400,000.

Net values for the second and third wives of the Sister Wives, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown also estimate the $400,000. Robyn Brown is the last of Kody’s ladies to join their polygamous marriage.

But she is said to have the largest net worth of all his concubines. She comes in with an estimated $600,000 for her net worth. Robyn Brown came into this marriage without enough money for a tank of gasoline. Or so she claims in a book she wrote years ago with the other adults of Sister Wives. So, how does one explain that her net worth outweighs the other wives?

Meri Brown goes gangbusters selling for the clothing company she works for. So, it’s hard to believe she doesn’t stand out from the others. But Kody Brown, who has a double net worth compared to three of his Sister Wives’s co-wives, seemed just as bewildering.

Sister Wives: Salary Negotiations Via Kody

Sister Wives’ salaries may not be enough to support these five adults and the slew of children still under Kody’s roof. At one time it probably seemed like an incredible blessing for this family that their co-wives relied on public assistance to make ends meet.

But probably not today, not in the style they’ve grown accustomed to since they became famous. Still, an event a few years ago seemed to indicate that money wasn’t the only gain this show offered the Sister Wives. The fame that the series brings to Kody and his wives opened doors to even more financial gain. After Sister Wives Season 11, Kody’s finagling over salaries with the TLC decision makers shocked fans. The series faltered in view, so TLC canceled the reality show. But Kody wouldn’t let it go.

Currently, every Sister Wives adult allegedly received a salary of $180,000. So to borrow a catchphrase from the movie God Father, Kody made TLC an offer they just couldn’t refuse. He offered to accept a massive pay cut.

Instead of $180,000 for each adult, Kody Browncontinued the show for $180,000 for all five adults together. He dropped four of the salaries. TLC apparently went for it and the rest is history, they’re still going strong today with a new season on the way.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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