Sister Wives: Did Meri Brown Leave Kody Brown Because Of Christine Brown?

Sister Wives: Did Meri Brown Leave Kody Brown Because Of Christine Brown?

Sister Wives Kody Brown is now throwing his ex-wife Christine Brown under the bus, claiming she is to blame for ruining any future he might have had with Mer. How exactly does Kody claim Christine is responsible for the deaths of him and his first wife, Meri Brown?

Sister Wives: Did Meri Brown Leave Kody Brown Because Of Christine Brown?

TLC has released a new preview of this week’s episode of Sister Wives. This week’s episode is the first part of a three-part conversation. For the most part, this preview focuses on the narrator sitting down with Meri Brown and Kody Brown.

Kody Brown reminisces about how Meri gave him homemade rice crispies. She received one treat for every year they had been married. Unfortunately, she had no idea what the number actually was. The TLC star claims that at that moment, she realised that she no longer hated Meri and she could find it in her heart to put her problems behind her and reconcile their relationship. So she sat down with her three best friends. He sat down with Robyn, Janelle and Christine Brown.

He told them he wanted to improve his relationship with Meri. Kody Brown recalls that Christine Brown came out and put up a huge fight. He insisted that Christine was firmly opposed to him and Meri rekindling their relationship. And she went to enormous lengths to suppress the idea.

Now the revealing host asks Meri Brown if she was aware that Kody Brown wanted to set things right with her. Did she know there was a moment when he felt that way? Meri shrugs off the conversation mostly because she had no idea Kody ever thought about making things up. Meri then tells the presenter that Kody claims Christine is ultimately the reason he didn’t patch things up with her. Meri learns that Kody encouraged them not to get back together because Christine was so against him.

Meri Brown was shocked. She had never heard of Christine Brown having a problem getting things done before. Likewise, she found it hard to believe that Kody would ever want to work things out because he openly admitted that he disliked kissing her and that he would never come back to be with her.

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