Is Sister Wives Season 19 Happening?

Is Sister Wives Season 19 Happening?

Sister Wives fans, don’t lose hope just yet! While Season 18 may have seemed like the end of the Brown family as we know it, there are several intriguing developments that hint at a Season 19. The question on everyone’s mind is: “Will the show continue without the majority of Kody Brown’s wives?” Here’s what we know.

After her high-profile split with Kody, Christine Brown didn’t waste any time finding love again. She has married David Woolley, and the pair are radiating happiness. But that’s not all—eagle-eyed fans spotted camera crews during the couple’s public outings. Is this a sign of things to come for the next season, or perhaps a one-off wedding special?

According to TLC’s official website, there have been no announcements regarding future episodes. Yet, on Christine and David’s wedding day, there was noticeable police presence for protection, further fueling speculation that their nuptials might be a significant televised event.

Sister Wives: Life After Kody

We all know Meri and Janelle Brown have also left Kody, but unlike Christine, they have remained tight-lipped about their romantic lives. However, fans are clamoring for updates on how they are faring in their newfound independence. If there is a Season 19, there’s a good chance it will cover Meri and Janelle’s lives sans Kody.

Additionally, microphones and cameras haven’t just been sighted around Christine. Gwendlyn Brown was also spotted with microphones at her wedding, as were Meri and Leon. And don’t forget—David Woolley has been seen sporting a camera while at Christine’s home. While these breadcrumbs don’t confirm a Season 19, they certainly make it a possibility worth considering.

Sister Wives: Updates on the Brown Kids

Though fans may not be thrilled about too much screen time dedicated to Robyn and Kody, the next season—if there is one—will likely also focus on the younger members of the Brown family. After all, viewers have watched these kids grow up and are invested in their stories.

While the sightings of camera crews and microphones suggest that the Brown family isn’t entirely done with reality TV, the nature of their return remains uncertain. It could be a full-blown Season 19, a series of special episodes, or even spin-offs focusing on individual family members.

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