Sister Wives: Meri and Janelle Brown Seem to Agree

Sister Wives: Meri and Janelle Brown Seem to Agree

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown asked her spouses a serious question, and the answers indicate what each expects from plural marriage. In a clip released ahead of the new season, the ladies of Sister Wives offer some very different reasons as to what the Principle means to them.

The Principle is basically the religious term coined for their kind of polygamy lifestyle, which is based on religion. Oddly enough, Janelle Brown gets a mix of responses from the ladies. Christine Brown’s vision has remained the same since the day she married Kody Brown, a kind of old age plan. While the others seemed to grow their perspectives along the way.

After listening to the patriarch of Sister Wives over the years, you have a good idea where he is coming from. Kody Brown claims to be living the Principle by creating a large family through love. The love of a man and his multiple wives creates a string of children.

This family stays together through this life and beyond, through eternity. This is how Kody Brown describes it in a nutshell on the Sister Wives show.

But it seems that each of the women in Sister Wives deviates a bit from Kody Brown’s explanation. Two of the most interesting takes come from Christine and Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri and Janelle Brown Seem to Agree

Janelle Brown calls the Principle her religious doctrine. Both Janelle Brown and Meri Brown see it as a way to better themselves. She does this by overcoming the things that weigh on her in life, such as competitiveness and jealousy.

Fans of the Sister Wives series can attest to this. There have been many moments of jealousy and a lot of competition between the wives over the years. But they get through it all, according to what they say on the Principle.

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