Sister Wives: The Demonstration

Sister Wives: The Demonstration

Sister Wives reveals that fans are very excited to see the Browns return to television. Christine Brown has already shown us that she knows how to do her own makeup for the show and is now sharing her hair styling tips.

The cast of Sister Wives typically has more cameras and crew when filming episodes, but with the pandemic still going on, there is little crew to do the hair and makeup. This is why Christine opened up about how she started doing it herself.

Sister Wives: The Demonstration

Christine Brown was on hand to share how she does her hair for the show. We will see the new season on February 14 at 10 p.m. EST. Christine wanted to show how she does her hair and makeup when she doesn’t have anyone to do it. She took a video of herself with no makeup and her hair freshly washed. Some of her fans think she didn’t do a great job, but others think she did a great job considering she didn’t have much help.

When Christine Brown posted her video where she does her own hair, many of her fans started asking her who usually does her hair. Then another fan asked her who does Kody Brown’s hair, but she didn’t answer that question. In fact, there were many questions about Kody, but she really ignored most of those questions. She sped up the video of herself doing her own hair and fans were impressed with how she curls her long blonde hair.

Her fans were very quick to ask her if she would start doing tutorials on how to do her hair. Many of them wanted to take her videos and work on their own hair as well. There were other fans who really noticed the great work she did on her hair. They told her that they appreciated the fact that she has a lot of hair to style, but she made it look really good.

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