Kody Brown’s Frayed Relationship with His Sons – What the Latest Sister Wives Episode Reveals

Kody Brown’s Frayed Relationship with His Sons - What the Latest Sister Wives Episode Reveals

If you’ve been keeping up with the Sister Wives saga, you’re well aware that Kody Brown’s relationship with his sons is hanging by a thread. As fans, we’ve seen the emotional highs and lows play out on our screens. But the big question remains: has the chasm between Kody and his sons widened or is there a glimmer of reconciliation in sight? Let’s delve into what’s currently stirring the pot in the Brown family.

The tension between Kody and his sons, particularly Gabriel and Garrison, from his second wife Janelle, has been escalating for a while. What many viewers found heartbreaking was when Kody called Gabriel to discuss Covid symptoms on his birthday, entirely overlooking the significance of the day. According to E! News, Kody later admitted that therapy might be the way forward for him and his sons. In the episode airing on October 15th, he says, “I’ve reached out to Garrison and Gabriel. No, they’re blocking me.”

Sister Wives: Is Kody Brown Really Detached or Misunderstood?

In that same episode, we find Garrison at his new home, contemplating renting rooms to Gabriel and Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn. When he reflects on his achievements since last speaking to his father, Garrison notes, “I bought a house, I’ve gotten into school and I got the car that I wanted, that he told me I should never get.” The sentiment echoes his brother Gabriel’s, who feels Kody just doesn’t care.

However, there are contrasting viewpoints within the family. Christine Brown, Kody’s third wife who left him in 2021, strongly feels that Kody is capable of being a good father only if he tries. She was quite upset that Kody, despite living half an hour away, chose not to visit or call Savanah, his youngest daughter with Janelle, during Christmas. According to TMZ, Christine’s own daughters flew in from Utah and could easily have brought gifts for Savanah, further amplifying Christine’s exasperation.

Janelle, on the other hand, opines that Kody can be an excellent dad to younger kids but appears to have issues with older ones. Robyn, Kody’s fourth wife, disputes this, claiming Kody’s relationship with his older children was solid before Christine’s exit. Yet, the sons themselves have reservations about Robyn, attributing some of their dad’s aloofness to her.

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