Sister Wives: Meri Brown Opens Up About Split Reasons

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Opens Up About Split Reasons

If you’re a follower of Meri Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives, you’ve probably already felt it. Meri recently broke up with Kody Brown, her husband of more than three decades, and has been living by her own rules ever since. And guess what? She’s taking us all on her journey of rediscovery.

This week, Meri shared some wisdom that had us all snapping our fingers in agreement. The reality TV star proved that life after divorce doesn’t have to be bleak; in fact, it can be pretty fantastic.

On Sept. 20, Meri took to her Instagram Stories to share a motivational quote from another Instagram account, @womenontopp. Her message read, “Be so confident in knowing what you bring to the table that you are willing to eat alone until you find the right table.” Is it just with us, or was this very relatable?

By sharing this, Meri gives us an insight into her new outlook on life and love. It is clear that she is willing to live alone until she finds someone who truly appreciates her for who she is. No concessions. No compromises. Just pure, unadulterated self-worth.

Now we can’t gauge exactly how her followers reacted, because as you may know, Instagram Stories are transient and only last 24 hours. But given Meri’s huge number of followers, we are confident that her words were well received by many. Brown’s empowering message follows her decision to step back from her plural marriage-a decision she made after her fellow Sister Wives, Christine and Janelle, also took similar steps.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Opens Up About Split Reasons

Why did Meri Brown make this big life change? She has actually been very open about it. In a recent interview with People, Meri laid it all out on the table. Jealousy, she says, played a big part in ending her marriage to Kody. Introducing new people into a family often changes the dynamic, and Meri admitted she had jealous feelings.

But don’t misunderstand. While talking to People, she also reassured us that “life is good. She even hinted at a new project she is working on and spoke highly of the support network around her. In her words, “things are good,” and it shows. Meri is thriving both professionally and personally, sharing her milestones and adventures as a newly single woman.

There is something incredibly liberating about the way Meri Brown approaches her post-divorce life. She doesn’t just survive; she thrives. So if you need a dose of empowerment or are just curious about how someone turns a new page, Meri Brown is one to keep an eye on. This Sister Wives star not only keeps us updated on her life; she also teaches us how to live ours a little better.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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