Sister Wives: Fans Want To Know Why Meri Doesn’t Leave

Sister Wives: Fans Want To Know Why Meri Doesn’t Leave

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has been in the public eye for over a decade. She is one of Kody’s four most popular wives. Meri Brown is very active on social media. She is also often on Facebook Live selling her LuLaRoe wares. However, she is not always able to be as open with her fans as she would like.

Being under contract with TLC for her family’s reality show, she’s often unable to reveal certain things until they air. Now in the latest promo of the new Sister Wives episode, Meri Brown finally breaks her silence and reveals the question that SW fans ask her most often.

Sister Wives: Fans Want To Know Why Meri Doesn’t Leave

Sister Wives celebrity Meri says fans are constantly asking her to stay with Kody Brown. Sure, it’s not an easy question to have thrown at you all the time. But that’s par for the course when you make your life, marriage and family a reality show. Fans want to know what they don’t see. They’ll have thoughts and opinions about her life. So, of course, questions like “why don’t you leave?” will come up.

It is easy to avoid difficult questions at times between seasons. Likey all Sister Wives spouses and adult children have non-disclosure agreements with TLC.So even if they want to talk and deal with things, their lips are often sealed by contractual obligations. In the most recent clip, Meri Brown says the question is the most asked. However, the clip does not show her answer. We need to look at the show to see how it answers this emotionally charged question.

Sister Wives: She Wants The Family More Than The Man

Sister Wives alum Meri Brown is faithful to a mistake. When the show first debuted, every spouse had a tagline. Christine Brown was that she wanted a family, not just the husband. But nowadays it seems it’s Meri Brown and not Christine Brown who lives up to that mantra. Meri Brown is the family matriarch. She’s the original woman. She is not only spiritually bound to their common husband, but also to all her co-owners and to all 19 children of Brown.

Meri Brown’s marriage may have ended with Kody Brown in a physical and legal sense, but she is still spiritually married to him. Their religious belief is what binds them together for eternity. Therefore, it is her faith, as well as her sense of duty and obligation, that prevents her from leaving the family.

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  1. You just need to leave your hanging on to nothing Cody move gone hes happy with this new young wife and She gevyng children you connot he just had one it’s over and go and try to hang on and he knows it’s over but if you wanna stick around to find out what you already know is stupid it’s over and the marriage is over he divorced you how playing can that be Meredith

  2. Mery tu és uma mulher linda ,és economicamente independente deles ,e ali a unica que mesmo voceis terem tido problemas no passado, tem um carinho por ti e a janelle.A robin não tem nenhuma consideração pelo ato lindo e digno de carinho que tu teve para com os filhos dela,ela está felicissima por ser casada com ele no papel,ele não vale nem uma lágrima tua pois é um homem prepotente,arrogante,sugou toda a tua juventude e agora se desfaz te ti como se tu fosse uma peça de roupa que se joga fora,o mínimo que ele poderia fazer era te tratar com respeito que tu merece por ser mãe da filha dele ,para ajudar a comprar a pousada não tinha dinheiro mas para comprar uma mansão para a Robin tem .A cristine não ta nem aí pra ti ,pelo contrário ela demonstra que tanto faz tu estar ali ou ir embora ,aliás acho que no fundo ela quer mais e que tu vá embora pois seria uma a menos pra ela dividir o kody,pois ela tem muito ciúmes dele. Vá embora corre atrás da tua felicidades, vá ser feliz te dê a chance de encontrar um homem que te ame e te faça feliz,que te dê valor pela mulher maravilhosa que és. Nos os teus fã sofremos pelo modo como ele tem te tratado ,ele não vê a hora que tu vá embora .fuja desça relação que só está de machucando .Te amamos minha linda bjos

  3. Kody is sick, he divorced Meri to marry his younger wife and it is a stupid excuse he wanted to adopt her kids. Yea right everyone can see where his time is spent with that younger woman. He is nothing but a lying cheating man. I think all 4 women are crazy for putting up with his narcissistic lifestyle

  4. He’s treating you like crap Meri. If he had an ounce of decency he would have divorced Robyn and remarried you. He’s adopted her kids now and doesn’t need to stay legally bound to her. We see your pain and we see the abysmal way Cody Brown treats you. You are his first wife yet you let him treat you like a piece of crap. You’d do far better on your own. Go back to Utah, run your bed & breakfast and find someone who is worthy of you, because he definitely isn’t. I’m sure God wouldn’t want you to stay tied to a Rat who has no feelings, care or respect for you whatsoever. Be happy, but most of all liberate yourself from this piece of crap called Cody Brown.

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