Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Didn’t Marry All These Wives

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Didn’t Marry All These Wives

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown blames Kody Brown for his collection of wives, who is facing a roadblock due to his plural marriage. Robyn once seemed to get along with everything Kody Brown threw at the family. But as the seasons of the Sister Wives unfold, she seems to bite them more and more.

For those who praise the Sister Wives lifestyle, Robyn Brown is bound to stun fans in the next episode. There’s also something different about Kody Brown’s fourth wife today. Robyn Brown seems to feel like the spokesperson for the family.

Robyn New Matriarch?

Meri Brown is the original matriarch of the Sister Wives. But it looks like Robyn’s taking on that role today. So, in the next episode, when Kody and Robyn sit in front of the cameras for a chat, Robyn takes over.

She hurries to put Kody Brown in his place as she describes the dangers of mortgage approval on the Sisters Wives. Kody talks about waiting to get approval like it’s something normal. But Robyn Brown claims that it’s the plural marriage lifestyle that makes things difficult for mortgage grantors.

Kody Brown turns to her and says she knew that when she joined the family. Robyn’s face gets serious and she seems to have a certain animosity about what Kody just said. Then she blurts out how she married him and not his wives. Wow. Those are the same sister wives he cried about not too long ago. That’s when he thought spending the money to buy the house would make it hard on the other wives.

Robyn Brown didn’t want to use the money and put the Sister Wives’ family building houses on Coyote Pass. Now it looks like she’s blaming Kody Brown for having so many wives. That’s because the bank needs to get their finances, too. But that seems to clog up the works when you try to secure this loan.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Didn’t Marry All These Wives

Kody Brown’s name appears on all the properties owned by his wives. So his finances have become so tangled that lenders have to examine not only Kody’s financial holdings, but also the finances of all four of his wives. It is easy to see that the youngest wife of the Sister Wives tribe is not happy about this long delay.

Once again, Robyn Brown takes the path that this is a pain for her children. While this next episode of Sister Wives is coming out, Robyn and Kody Brown rent the house they intend to own. Apparently the original closing date has come and gone. They only set the closing date a few days after their first move out. But it didn’t. All the other wives had to hand in their financial papers, but with a big delay in mortgage approval.

So Robyn Brown claims she told her kids that the closing is this week and then they postpone it for another week. Starting with this Sister Wives installment, it happens several times. In the new episode, they spend three weeks renting the house they thought they owned by now.

It looks like she stopped telling her kids the last update for the closing because she’s already disappointed them a couple of times. She doesn’t want to stress them out, so she doesn’t say anything about their new date.

Written by Christine Cohan

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  1. I’m really starting to not like Robyn she’s such a drama queen and come on god will help god will tell me and god will give a sign my god women even Cody was rolling his eyes. Has this women ever worked a day in her life or is god going to supply for her too. Dont get me wrong I believe in god too but you cant rely on him to fix everything I think this women needs a reality check lol the biggest Drama queen on t.v

  2. The Sister Wives need to come together as a foursome to secure a financial future for themselves and the kids still at home or in college. They collectively kick Kody to the curb and begin seeking a new husband for each of them. Now that would be a series worth watching!

  3. Robin knows what she’s doing she had the cards and played them and she still playing them everybody wants to Say poor RobinShe ispretty smart she’s Got Him by the balls just remember you’re the 2nd wife not the 1st and as he said he regrets the marriage to Mary he loved Mary believe that

  4. Robyn complains constantly about a rental that doesnt exist. She knew what plural marriage
    Now she doesn’t and I say take the money and move back to Vegas. She doesn’t need a mansion as she had before. Just find as reasonably smaller home and move back. And stopping playing the innocent victim

  5. I feel Kody has failed all of them. They had it made in their cul-de-sac and he gets all worked up of selling and building new far away. Now they feel helpless and homeless several times. He has been acting all bossy and know all. Bad move I would be very upset!!

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