Sister Wives: Kody and Meri Brown’s Relationship So Far

Sister Wives: Kody and Meri Brown’s Relationship So Far

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems just a few steps away from securing her freedom. In the recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Meri visited their advisor. In this trip, Meri was extremely honest with her and stated that her relationship with Kody is dead and pernicious. Well, it is not shocking, but the fact that Meri has finally gathered the courage to be so transparent is!

Sister Wives: Kody and Meri Brown’s Relationship So Far

Most Sister Wives fans think Meri Brown has a nice attitude. However, Kody feels like he’s using the positive side of his personality to constantly play the victim. She posted some pretty cryptic messages with hidden meanings on Instagram. However, Kody Brown has continued to minimize them.

From Kody’s attitude, fans have the feeling that he has completely renounced his relationship with Meri. To be honest, he may not even care about his first and former legal wife anymore. When Meri said the affair was over, it seemed like she was close to making an unfortunate decision. Kody revealed that their affair was no picnic. Later, in the confessional, he said he was tired of being told how wrong he was.

Kody and Meri Brown are no longer living as a married couple. Kody himself confessed it in the last episode. On the other hand, Meri feels that Kody is reluctant to make things work between them. After Meri was involved in the emotional affair, the catfishing scandal, she moved back in with Kody. But she revealed that their relationship was never the same after that.

Most of Meri’s confessions indicated that she felt like a stranger in her own family. She revealed that somehow the family had distanced themselves from her and she no longer felt part of the clan.

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  1. Kody is a first class a–hole. Doesn’t he understand when he divorced Meri it broke her heart. He didn’t have to get a divorce to adopt those children. I wish she would just walk away and live her life she would be better off. As it stands he is only concerned about the wife he left her for. Kody is a dog


  3. The thing is….Mary left, she left. Whether it was real or a catfish…done. Although I am NOT a Cody fan…She broke the real or spiritual marriage first. If Mary’s relationship had not been a catfish, like a successful, upstanding man that loved Mary? Mary would have left. Drama, reality TV thrives on it. I like the concept of plural marriage. There are far more women than men, if not just by birth rate, but also deaths by war and natural causes…I want the family, not just the man is a concept, that fulfills or could fulfill many women, if they can move past selfish jealousy. I wish the best for sister wives….but this pretend drama is beneath our intelligence.

  4. I think Kody Brown needs to get over himself he’s not perfect but wants to blame Meri and the other wives for everything he’s the one that selfishly uprooted his entire family to Arizona with no place to go. How smarts that? Not very. Meri I was married to a narsasstic man for years sweetheart it’s time to move on and not let him make you feel the way he’s been doing your not his door mat.

  5. It does not seem to matter any more to him about how any of them feel, least of all Meri, all that seems to matter is kodys feelings!
    He pushed her away not sure what he thought was going to come of that…It always appeared that as soon as he and Meri divorced she was expendable!!!!

  6. The trouble all started when Meri couldn’t get pregnant. Cody tried to be supportive but there was nothing they could do. This affected Meri very deeply, more than he’ll ever know. Then he brings in Robin and Meri chose to divorce him so he could adopt Robin’s children and they had two together. Does he not see how his neglect of Meri led her to seek love elsewhere. The damage has been done Cody is unwilling to mend fences with Meri. Where do they go from here? If she stays she has the family but she doesn’t have a husband and she’s back to square one lonely and miserable.

  7. Meri should leave the clan. Only reason Cody wants her to stay is for her money. She is only one working on the side bringing in all the money. Cody is a scammer. Wake up Meri.. I think you are great.

  8. It’s time for Meri to move on. I think you would be happier. You can stay friends with the other wives & kids. Besides you’ve already showed that you don’t need Kody to get what you want. Your B&E is going great as is your online business. What do you need Kody for. Go out and make a life without him YOU CAN DO IT!!

  9. This would have to be my most favourite reality series. (I’ve watched the first 8 seasons 3 times. I really feel Meri just needs to make a choice, everything seems to be someone else’s problem. Meri & Kody’s divorce which if i can remind everybody was Meri’s idea, then we had the catfish debarcle in which even Mariah warned her abt. Robyn is always there for her as are the other wives. I want to know why it is up to “everyone else” to call her. Life is a two way street no matter who you are. Meri is always saying how she can do it herself, so pick up the damn phone, you obviously know how to use one!!!

  10. If Cody had been being the husband he should have been from the beginning. Mary never would have been online catfishing begin with. He was giving all of his attention to Robin. He divorced or married Robin and then moved on with his life and she was sitting on the sidelines lonely. Mary you’re so much better without him move on she’s nuttier than a fruitcake he’s a user.

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