Sister Wives: Normal Life Has Ceased For Kody

Sister Wives: Normal Life Has Ceased For Kody

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown recently admitted that his life has become boring while he and his four wives are in quarantine in this deadly coronavirus pandemic. Now that they’re all confined to the four walls of the house, there’s not much to talk about. Let’s take a detailed look at this.

Sister Wives: Normal Life Has Ceased For Kody

According to Kody Brown, normal life is over for him and the rest of his family. Although some of them work from home, they are unable to make the necessary journeys for work. Even though they are in contact and interact a lot, he said that life has become boring and they don’t have much to do.

Kody added that there isn’t much to discuss except check out her children who continue their schooling through online classes. The upside is that some of Kody’s wives are lucky enough to do business online. Even though the clan is in separate houses, they are in touch.

Janelle Brown said that she thought it would be easier if they were all together under the same roof. She said it would be easier for the family to handle the quarantine. Robyn Brown said that because they are all separated, they send care packages and make a lot of phone calls to each other. They also make phone calls from time to time. She added that she is addressing her family more because they all have a lot of time on their hands and are all concerned about the current situation.

Sister Wives: How Is The Sister Wives Family Staying Busy?

Christine Brown got her kids involved in a craft job. Some activities include crochet, cross-stitching and embroidery. In addition, they are making their own products to avoid going to the store. For example, Christine made herself a face moisturizer. Meri Brown said that even though she works from home, there are still challenges.

Meri Brown said that even though they can’t be together, she realizes that this way they are all safe. Her regular schedule includes many trips. So when she can spend some time at home, Meri Brown is grateful. So, this time isn’t very out of the ordinary for her.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Kody Brown acts like a spoiled 6 year old this show needs to end let him go out and get a real job and I’m still waiting to see this horribly religious family get dressed and go to church ya know the very reason he has a wife and 3 spares is all about God so where’s your church Kody oh that’s rite the only part of that religion you practise is multiple women you’re gross and disgusting and it’s illegal and you shud be in jail and if any of you were my neighbors I’d run you gross disgusting humans outta town period

  2. Awww! The S.O.B don’t y’all feel sorry for his fake ass. He needs to get a real job. And stop telling those women what to do. He isn’t the bread winner. Hell he’s not even a winner in the looks department. The real reason they got chased out of Utah, was cause he didn’t have a real job.And Utah, didn’t need another welfare case.

  3. He needs to take this time and spend with his kids. No doubt he doesn’t know how to do anything with his wives at home. Only Robin, his love.. I just wanted to know if he spends any of his time talking to the other wives like he does with Robin. Does he call the wives love when he is around the other wives.. No wonder Christine has a jealous streak. I don’t blame her! Wake up Kody. SMH

  4. Kody brown is a giant manchild! You chose the lifestyle so you don’t get to have a favorite!The world has seen how you treat Meri we are all disqusted. Ask yourself why she fell for the catfish scandal . Run Meri Run !be happy. Oh and Mariah acts like a spoiled bratt.

  5. Kody Brown is disgusting! Arrogant, self righteous basterd! He should be jailed. Get a damn job you lazy puke. Cut that ugly hair and act like a decent man!

  6. We are not to judge each other. If you don’t agree with their lifestyle it’s ok. Every one is different and their lifestyle belief should be respected just as I wish we would be more respectful of all people and beliefs. Stop hating #loveoneanother.

  7. Hey Lois,
    Wow! Corona quarantine got you in a tither or are you just naturally judgemental? Who he sleeps with and/or allows him to sleep with the frankly isn’t any of your business. Furthermore, why be so uptight about them living next to you? Don’t think they’re recruiting for wife #5 and I don’t remember them talking about a swinger’s party so sweetie rest assure you’d be safe.

  8. You don’t have to live with him so it’s not our business who he is married to as long as all of the woman he is with knows then that is their business. How does what he’s doing affect anybody else? It doesn’t so the family alone, how would you feel if somebody tried telling you who you could and couldn’t get married to, they seem to be a happy family and are raising great children

  9. You don’t have to live with him so it’s not our business who he is married to as long as all of the woman he is with knows then that is their business. How does what he’s doing affect anybody else? It doesn’t so leave the family alone, how would you feel if somebody tried telling you who you could and couldn’t get married to, they seem to be a happy family and are raising great children

  10. If u don’t have anything positive or nice to say then U should keep your comments to yourself …I’m pretty sure it’s not affecting your life in any way..

  11. Why are you such an ugly person Louis? Granted you are right about Kody Brown acting like a spoiled 6 year old, and does not treat his wives with any respect especially when they stand up for themselves. Maybe if he treated Meri and his other wives like each of them was special to him especially when they are alone his relationships would be 100% better with each wife. After all that Meri gave up for the family Kody treats her like a redheaded stepchild and he or Christine or Jenell can’t or won’t see how deeply hurting Meri is. I think Robyn understands and that’s why they get along and stick up for each other, that’s also why Meri is always so guarded about what she says and does she deep down is beginning to question her trustworthiness from the family about her. Do they or would they if push came to shove, everyone for themselves would they really have her back?? Maybe deep down Meri doesn’t even want to admit to herself that she wonders.

  12. Just think, HE wanted them to be under one roof !!!!! That would be a DEFCON 5 event for his fantasy. Now, he says he’s bored….Really, Dude. They would absolutely pull each others hair out !!! Then to have all the kids there tooooo, he has lost what little brains he owns. He is too impulsive to manage this huge family. He wont listen and he DOES favor one over the other. Merri…..I am sooooo happy that you have parted with this circus. As for your mistake, he has 4 wives of which he CANNOT satisfy all of their emotional needs. That’s why your mistake occurred. He blames you, I DONT….he had 3 other women to TRY to attend to and doesnt do well with that but he faults you for turning away, he’s a narcissistic fool.You wouldnt have turned away if he was there for you !!!! Dont look back, move forward. Let the others fight over the leftovers.

  13. Let them all be meri,janielle,christine and Robyn they are people too they are human and they all 4 know polygamy is illegal and meri brown is his legal wife none of the other 3 have no legal rights but leave them be people. They know polygamy is illegal but I would have no problem with them being my next door neighbor, I would have no problem with that
    Meri,janielle,christine a d robyn you all 4 stay safe as well as your children a d grandbabues

  14. I have been watching sister wives for years now my opinion on Kody is he is one of the children instead of a father he is so controlling.he is disgusting as a human being

  15. I am astonished how nasty some of you people are. Why, because their lifestyle doesn’t fit your idea of what you think is right! I’m sure you are glad you don’t live in a glass houses! If you don’t like them, don’t watch , read anything about them and focus on your own family. Remember, ours is not judge, but to love one another. I do not practice polygamy, but I do believe we should just love other humans,
    Even if you don’t agree with their lifestyle. If KB has a “real job”’or not isn’t anyone’s business. I don’t believe he is asking anyone to provide for his family!

  16. I’m getting sick of seeing this Flagstaff and seeing no properties yet the show’s been going on forever and they keep talking about 5 staff we seen the baby born we see the house is moving. You have too many kids and say there’s nothing to do you better figure out some type of jungle gym or let him play around the house and spend time with the social distance is one thing being in the house another but having all them kids and all them wives there’s something for you to do one day on this show I want to see these houses being built I want to see Cody treating his wife when he doesn’t like put it all out there the one eat treats like crap you know I’m talking about I’m getting sick of the show the show where is not showing where he is doing something positive instead of talking negative to his wife’s always got a plan but I don’t see no future I don’t see him helping I don’t see him just talkin one of these new houses Posey build on Flagstaff why are we still moving at the house to house why are your family still apart come on now it’s time for a change is 20/20 can we make a difference in this world and stop pouring down our hearts a second wife is hurting so bad every time I watch an episode Cody you treat her like I’m a mess she was your first wife at first and now she’s your second wife you marry somebody else to be your first wife you put her down all the time why do you guys go to counseling if you don’t show her no love understand she did the catfish what catfish is over with it’s time to make men and help her out just as well as you help out the others I see you always talking down about her when she try to say something you put her down why can’t you bring her up like the rest of your wife’s number 3 and number 4 number two gets all the blame heron built these damn houses in Flagstaff so we can see a change start treating your second wife like a queen and not a victim start being there for her start opening up cuz all I see is you putting her down this is what a person that knows and watches and show faithfully so now you hear my side of the story let me hear yours thanks

  17. I would say that they are all a bunch of idiots and morons and I didn’t say Mormons I said morons who would want a man that sticks his private part in numerous women can you imagine how many diseases and infections these people have had and now he’s looking for a new woman come on women ladies get a brain get a life get the hell away from him he’s an egotistical arrogant narcissistic bastard he’s not that great he treats each woman with so much disrespect she must think that she does not deserve anything I used to like watching the show now I would like to smack Cody in the mouth I can’t stand the way he treats the women I have been abused for years not any longer I stopped at 22 years ago I will however say that I am sure he is very abusive I am sure he has put his hands on each and every one of those women in one way or another he thinks he is God’s Gift he’s not trust me God made one man for one woman God did not want man to sleep with four five six seven eight nine women at a Time come on Kodi get a life you’re not that great your kind of shity in my opinion so that’s just it women get out while you can you’re going to be in a boat you don’t want to be sailing in if you stay with Cody

  18. It’s your choosen lifestyle based on your religios belief, yet to don’t see you practice your religion within your household. Cody like to dictate his ways to his wives and doesnt treat them with much respect. How in hell can they all afford all those expensive late model vehicles and have all those fancy home be funished with all that fancy furniture. It all about spending more and more yet I see very little work outside their homes to afford that life style. Why the 5 bedroom homes, do each child need a separate bedroom.? It one big group of disfunction. I don’t see them interact with any other people outside this screw up mass of people. Are they on government assistance. How do the handle dependents on their taxes, ladys file separately as single except Robin the married one. Cory shows how many dependents on his taxes. This isnt a normal lifestyle.

  19. I like Meri very much ,but I think she is getting ready to leave Kody. He doesn’t treat her very good. She deserves better than that. I like all the ladies some better than others .The question I have is why he doesn’t leave all the other ladies and just live with Robyn ???? OH.!!!! I know he needs the money allthe women provide. OH he could leave them and get more women that are willing to keep his lazy I want this get it for me attitude.

  20. I only watch for Janelle and Christine. Kody ignores them so we are safe that we don’t have to see him. Not judgemental to say what you think. People like the Browns live out there, fame comes with a high price. I will say though, He has mistreated Janelle, Christine and most of all Meri and needs to just slid away with his”Love” the only person we dislike more is her. they need to cancel the show and come back with something for maybe Janelle and Christine they are a really great story.
    When you live out, you better bring ear plugs

  21. I think it very strange the way these 4 women talk about how great being a plural family is. Christine and Robyn complain about living with the other sister wives. None want to see their “husband” be affectionate with another wife. It is clear to anyone with a brain, they want a monogamous relationship with Kody. Why they try so hard to deny it, is nuts. A plural family means to live together, all share together, not live separately and try to pretend your husband is not having sex with the other wives. Merri gave up her legal rights to the marriage so Robyn could keep her kids. What a joke that was. Now Robyn acts like a shrew throwing a tantrum because she can’t have her way. She acts like a queen with the legit license. What a mistake that was on Kody’s part. He is supposed to be the head of all the houses but is more like a hen pecked mouse. He should have gone with his plan, built the home with 4 apartments within it. That is the best of both worlds. The women would each have their own living quarters complete with kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms and etc. They would only be a short distance from the rest of the family. Kody would not have to constantly be driving from one home to another. He would also have his own space. He should have exerted his authority. If the sister wives want to live like other married couples, they need to all move on and find a husband to cater to them only. If not, share a plural family living together. Anything else is not a plural family. It is living separate lives and pretending you are polygamous. What a joke.

  22. I personally think he’s tired of all 4 wives, because they are all successful and he’s not, and Robin being the youngest, he think he should control her, not that one and I say…good for all of you that you don’t let him control you. Just wish Christine would act more her age than a giddy teenager around him..I’m Meri all the way, she been tested like dirt.

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