Sister Wives: Birthday takeout for Truley Brown with Christine Brown and Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Birthday takeout for Truely Brown with Christine Brown and Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown reunited again with his third wife Christine Brown after fans suspected he was in coronavirus quarantine with his “favorite” wife Robyn.

Kody Brown and Christine Brown, 47, reunited on Monday for the tenth birthday of their youngest daughter Truley.

Christine Brown entitled a photo with Kody and their daughter: “Happy Birthday @truelygracebrown you’re a cool cat! I am super super lucky to have this wonderful spark of sunshine and brilliance in my life! Today she is 10 years old and we have been blessed by her every day!

“For her birthday we drove an hour and a half to the nearest on&out. We crossed the driveway and ate in the parking lot, then we went home. It’s her favorite restaurant! The last time Christine Brown was seen with Kody was in March for their 26th wedding anniversary.

Fans suspect that Kody Brown is in quarantine with his “favorite” wife Robyn, while his first wife Meri, 49, and second wife Janelle, 50, have posted on social media without her husband.

Kody and Robyn, 41, both remained silent on social media during the quarantine, except when they tweeted about the series.

One fan wrote in Reddit: “I think we all know the answer… They would use the excuse that all the younger kids have. And they’re the ones who would need two quarantine parents to help with school work and stuff like that.

One second he said, “He lives with Robyn, he sleeps with Robyn Brown, he puts his kids to bed every night. He doesn’t spend time in other houses.”

A third said, “Like every other time, he lives at Robyn Brown’s, no doubt. But social distance doesn’t mean quarantine. “The families are still together. She could still go from house to house without risking anyone else.”

Kody Brown and Christine Brown had marital problems in the last season of Sister Wife. She was firmly opposed to the idea of living in a house, even though the other wives were open to the idea.

Christine Brown admitted that Kody Brown was still angry with her for closing the idea. Fans even suspected that Christine would leave the family, as the fans called her “jealous”.

Sister wife Janelle took a look at Christine, because she explained how much easier it would be if the family would live together during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She told Us Weekly: “I really think it would have been easier to manage the quarantine if we were all under the same roof, because we have to be so separate. We need to limit family reunions, and if we were together our exposure would be one less person going to the supermarket instead of doing it for separated families”. There would be more camaraderie.

She added: “The children could stay in a house. We’d be out there on our own property with more things to do and we’d have fewer people exposed to the public.

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  1. I cant believe Kody has the balls to be without his other wives. Robin needs to grow up!! She isn’t the only wife who had children with him!! Kody isnt all that!! Wish up girls!!

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