Sister Wives: Janelle Brown In a Class All Her Own.

Sister Wives: Janelle In a Class All Her Own.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown moves through the daily life of the show, without a hint of competition when it comes to getting Kody Brown’s attention. This is just one of the reasons why fans consider her a favorite of the Sister Wives clan.

Since Sister Wives first graced the TV screen a decade ago, Janelle has shown a balanced personality that the other three Kody Brown wives don’t seem to have. Meri, Christine and Robyn know how to up the ante. But that’s not Janelle’s style.

Sister Wives: Janelle In a Class All Her Own.

When the patriarch of the Sister Wives took each wife individually to Flagstaff to look at the land choices, Janelle didn’t want a turn. She decided she’d be fine with whatever they chose as their new sister-wife at home.

Janelle Brown avoided drama at the time. She’s still trying to stay out of it, since that drama still continues today for the real estate they bought on Coyote Pass. When it was time to move, Janelle Brown moved out. Then she came back to Las Vegas every weekend to keep the houses open, trying to sell their houses in cul-da-sac.

While the other wives and Kody Brown sat and complained that the property in Vegas wasn’t being sold, Janelle became proactive. She gave up her time with her kids to do something other than complain all the time.

Sister Wives: Not Janelle Brown’s Style

Janelle Brown doesn’t use tricks to get her common husband’s attention. Fans of the TLC show have seen Christine Brown pump Kody with praise and flirt like a high schooler.

The news that Meri and Kody Brown’s marriage is over should emerge from the next episode of Sister Wives. But fans have still witnessed Meri Brown’s flirting this season. She talked about Kody’s butt and called it “baby” while her family moved her into the elevator house.

Robyn Brown doesn’t seem to be using flirting as a means to get Kody Brown’s attention. No, she sulks and it usually works. But lately, it seems like Kody Brown’s getting tired of it. He was taken to Sister Wives’ cameras to complain about Robyn, which is new enough for him.

Actually, it looks like Kody is sick of three of his four wives. The only one not causing him any pain these days seems to be Janelle. Looks like Kody’s done with his marriage to Meri. He’s expressed his anguish over Robyn’s antics around the house buying. Then there’s Christine on his list, which she admitted in the last episode.

Christine shared with the producer in the last episode that Kody is still angry with her for canceling his only dream home. All three wives have treated Kody badly this season except Janelle.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I think Jannelle is master at manipulate
    She is being the doting lite wife when the others speak up about their issues. I think she has just been lying low to make herself look better in Kody’s eyes

  2. Im just wondering where they get all of their money.
    They have an awfully lot to spend.
    And what
    kind of work does Kody do?
    Anybody know the answers?

  3. All of them need to leave kody with Robyn sulky self. I already don’t like her. Shes the only one legally married to ko”dumb” not Kody so tha rest need to just let him he and be stupid by himself. Thing is , moms got suckered in and now have mounds of kids with him who now see all and know all. So basically they just need to shut up n deal with that fool til they get on their own. Meri str8 her kid grown n gone smh

  4. Kody doesn’t honor any of his wives. Unfortunately, he made decisions without consulting them and the children. I feel Meri’s pain. Being lonely, she took to the Internet and was found by a scammer. On top of the fact that her marriage was ended, she needed Kody to comfort her. So, by comparison Janell is quietly living her life.

  5. Kody doesn’t honor any of his wives. Unfortunately, he made decisions without consulting them and the children. I feel Meri’s pain. Being lonely, she took to the Internet and was found by a scammer. On top of the fact that her marriage was ended, she needed Kody to comfort her. So, by comparison Janell is quietly living her life. A happy wife is a happy life!

  6. Janelle is the fat wife, so of course being the only obese wife you have to be quiet and obedient because that’s about the only thing going for her. She’s his YES wife, she will give up her own views and opinions just so Kodi will give her brownie points. Christine was his favorite until Robyn came along. Robyn is the youngest and was the thinnest and cutest at one point but she’s gained alot of weight now and just complains all the time. So it’s safe to say Christine is the favorite again because she makes Kodi feel young again.

  7. All these women are sick of Cody’s gaslighting narcissist ways, I am appauld how he manipulated Robyn’s children, bringing them into a conversation he should have had with Robyn first, I worry about the impression these children have, it’s clearly taking it’s toll when there is a full blown anxiety attack. His behavior is reckless and selfish.

  8. I’ve been trying to figure out why they didn’t use common sense and get apts., or mobile homes on the the property , since it was temporary. If the did mobile homes they’d be on the property establishing it. They could sell them when they were done or use them when the whole family got together. Why cheaper.

  9. Why do all of them feel like they need to lead entitled lives there’s a lot of people with a lot of kids that live in less luxurious home this has gotten totally ridiculous and they sit and whine about their financials

  10. I have been watching this show for years. One thing is clear Christine and Robyn want a monogamous relationship with Kody. They are jealous of the other wives, Don’t even want to see the other wives holding hands with Kody. They want separate lives but brag they have support from each other as if monogamous couples do not have family for support. We have Mother’s, Mother in laws, sisters, friends and etc. Meri would like to get back in Kody’s good graces but he seems to be done with his husbandly duties. She needs to move on and find someone who will give her the affection she needs. Jenelle is the only wife who seems to understand what a plural marriage is. Kody, per his religious faith, is the head of the home. He makes the final decisions. He was trying to get his family in one home yet giving them each privacy they wanted. No, that was not good enough for this bunch. Plural marriage is everyone sharing in the marriage and home. They have no idea what a good deal that one house is. No one would have to leave to visit the others. Kody would have his own space and not have to drive from one place to another. Except for Jenelle, the others are selfish and really are not suited for a plural lifestyle. Meri , not as much but she needs to go.

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