Sister Wives: What Did Christine Brown And Kody Brown Do For Their Anniversary?

Sister Wives: What Did Christine Brown And Kody Brown Do For Their Anniversary?

Sister Wives fans heard from Christine Brown that Kody Brown was with her on their 26th anniversary. She shared a photo of them hanging out together and it looked like her house in Flagstaff. The March 26 photo attracted many fans of the TLC show and thousands of people wished them a happy anniversary. Now, it revealed how they spent their special day.

Sister Wives: What Did Christine Brown And Kody Brown Do For Their Anniversary?

TV Shows Ace reported that when Christine Brown told fans about her birthday date with Kody Brown, some fans speculated where he might stay. Of course, with the social-distance, they hoped he wouldn’t move from house to house. The fact that he celebrated their wedding anniversary at her house indicated the possibility that he was holed up with Christine during the social-distance. If so, then there’s no doubt Christine has something to smile about. In her new revelation about what they did for their celebration, Christine did not specify where Kody is.

US Weekly noted that the patriarch of the Sister Wives told them exclusively that they all stay at home and that he keeps in touch with the various wives via video chat. It seems that with the lack of movement, Kody basically only talks to them about the children and education at home. The whole family misses the usual family reunions and Meri said she misses it too, even though she is more used to being alone. So, for now, the fans think she’s with Christine. And, uh, this could be everything she wanted for her anniversary present. But in a way, she got another gift because they did a job at Home Depot.

Christine Brown told US Weekly that the top floor of her house is a big loft. So, lacking a little privacy, they decided that a door might be a great idea. She explained how they went looking for what they needed at the “hardware store”. Careful to explain that they were practicing social estrangement, however it turned out to be a wasted trip. They couldn’t get what they needed, so they ordered it. When the stuff arrived, they had their “Home Depot appointment”.

Later, the Sister Wives couple and the children prepared their “favorite meals” and ate them all together. Then the games came out and the family gathered to enjoy the special day. Christine has always said that she likes her privacy, so their joint effort to make a bedroom door probably made her day really enjoyable. It looks like the family had a good time, and those girls probably had a lot of fun.

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