Sister Wives: What Does Meri Brown Really Want?

Sister Wives: What Does Meri Brown Really Want?

According to Sister Wives fans, Kody Brown’s thoughts only seem sad because he married four women, all of whom gave him children. So, it’s not just his life that is affected by his change of heart. There are a few dozen family members who have signed up or were born into this plural marriage. The original Sister Wives matriarch, Meri Brown, has invested 30 years in this marriage. She is the only wife who had a monogamous lifestyle with Kody Brown. From the moment Meri Brown and Kody Brown got married, three years passed before they introduced Janelle Brown to the family as wife number two.

Even with another woman around her husband, Meri Brown did not feel threatened, romantically speaking. Janelle Brown remembered her relationship with both Kody Brown and Meri Brown in a book that the adults of Sister Wives wrote years ago.

She immediately came out of it and said it. Janelle Brown and Kody Brown were not in love. No, it was Janelle who thought she belonged in this family and she approached Kody Brown with these thoughts.

Sister Wives: What Does Meri Brown Really Want?

From the very beginning of the Sister Wives series, Meri Brown seemed to be fighting a kind of inner demons. She became the cheerleader to raise more women. But when she joined the Sister Wives family, she became desperate.

Although she pushed Kody to Robyn Brown, once Robyn was married, Meri Brown felt she was losing something she once had with Kody Brown. And… as Meri admitted years later, she blamed Robyn for her own problems with Kody.

Even though she didn’t feel threatened by Janelle Brown when it came to romance with Kody, Meri Brown treated her terribly. This is something that both Janelle and Meri Brown revealed over the years. Janelle Brown didn’t like Meri Brown sharing her home with another woman.

Janelle Brown could not wash or wash in Meri’s eyes properly. Meri did not allow her to touch her laundry. She said that Kody’s first wife gave her the feeling that she was a guest who was no longer welcome.

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