Sister Wives: Marıtal Issues

Sister Wives: Marıtal Issues

The Sister Wives are all fed up with Kody Brown, as are some of his children, and Kody Brown can’t seem to do anything right. He is losing traction and credibility in all his relationships, and what was supposed to be a happy, extended polygamous family is now a divided family. Kody’s marriages have all failed.

Kody Brown is not doing much right at the moment, at least not in the eyes of his family. His wives are all angry with him for various reasons, and now even his children have voiced their complaints.

The polygamous lifestyle that once served them all well is now falling apart and all the accusations are aimed squarely at Kody as the source of the problems.

Sister Wives: Marıtal Issues

The happy wives and beautiful balance that once ruled the Brown family are gone, and what’s left is a bunch of people who are incredibly resentful of Kody. Each of them has their own reason for being upset, and now it seems that the only thing the husband and children have in common is their frustration and anger with Kody Brown.

In recent episodes, Christine Brown, who is completely fed up with Kody Brown and has declared their marriage “completely dysfunctional”, has reacted dramatically emotionally.

She has long been jealous of the relationship between Kody Brown and his last wife Robyn, with whom she seems to have the deepest connection. His bond with Robyn has always been a source of difficulty for Christine, but the latest straw in her marriage seemed to be linked to her desire to live in Utah. Christine claims that Kody agreed and eagerly agreed to move to Utah with her, then withdrew his comments and tried to persuade her to stay in Arizona instead.

Meri and Janelle, the other women, are similarly upset by Kody’s favoritism towards Robyn and have felt uncomfortable communicating with each other as a result. Meri has also reported that Kody refuses to have intimate contact with her, despite her constant efforts.

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