Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Is Seemingly At The End Of Her Rope With Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Janelle Is Seemingly At The End Of Her Rope With Kody Brown.

She wants to build on Coyote Pass and finally get her plot of land. Basically, he’s being held back by the fact that he owns absolutely nothing. She may be quite business savvy and hard working, but here she has dropped the ball. Fans want her to follow suit and leave, just like her former sister wife Christine Brown did. Achieve self-respect and get out of a pluralistic marriage. But do he and Christine have anything in common?

Sister Wives: Janelle Is Seemingly At The End Of Her Rope With Kody Brown.

When Christine Brown left Kody Brown and the Plural family, she had a successful career. In addition, her Flagstaff home was in her name, despite family money helping to fund it.

She made those mortgage payments every month, so she believed she was entitled to the funds from the sale of her home to start a new life in Utah. Her sister wife Janelle Brown agreed, as Christine decided to give up her interest in the Coyote Pass land. She believed that the equity she was giving up in her parcel of land was equal to what she would receive from her home.

Although it seemed that Christine Brown had been thinking about leaving for Kody Brown for a while, as it turned out, Janelle Brown had advised her to stay. Christine shared her and Janelle’s interaction on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, People reports.

As they navigated the pandemic, both Christine and Janelle Brown got a real taste of what it’s like to be a single parent. Eventually, they entered MLM together, which has been very lucrative for them. This even includes their daughters Maddie and Mykelt.

What’s more, they’ve become more than sister-in-laws, but best friends. Even after Christine moved away, the two make a concerted effort to get together and go on adventures with their children. Now Janelle Brown just needs to listen to his advice so she can free herself from Kody Brown, too.

Written by Evelyn Foster

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