Sister Wives: Is Divorce in the Air for Janelle Brown and Kody Brown?

Sister Wives: Is Divorce in the Air for Janelle Brown and Kody Brown?

In a recent sneak preview of the new season of Sister Wives, fans got a shock when Janelle Brown revealed her feelings about Kody Brown. As one of Kody’s three wives who still stands behind him, Janelle is going through difficult times. She invited Christine Brown for a heart-to-heart talk and made the shocking revelation that her relationship with Kody and Robyn had deteriorated, and that the family had fallen apart more than ever.

Christine, who has left Kody and seems happier than ever, was surprised when Janelle Brown said there was no divorce in sight, despite her obvious unhappiness. But could there be more to it?

What Lies Ahead for Sister Wives?

What fans know is that the show is taped up to a year in advance and the upcoming season will bring some significant changes. Although Janelle denies a divorce, it seems she will eventually leave Kody. Even Meri is going her own way. At the end of the season, only Robyn Brown will remain as Kody’s only wife.

This season’s mission on Sister Wives is to watch this all unfold. Janelle’s struggle with the decision to end the marriage will be both fascinating and heartbreaking. The only remaining question is, how will she move on with her life?

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