Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown The Real Reason Kody Suddenly Hates Pets?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown The Real Reason Kody Suddenly Hates Pets?

“The 17th season of Sister Wives is still on air, but that hasn’t stopped fans from digging through old footage and finding some interesting moments. One Reddit user found a clip that proves Robyn Brown doesn’t like dogs.

Now, fans can’t help wondering if the allergies Kody Brown once claimed were the reason she doesn’t take a dog into the house she shares with Robyn Brown and their five children exist at all. There is plenty of evidence that Kody Brown was completely tolerant of pets until he married Robyn Brown.

Although Kody has publicly said in recent years that she doesn’t want dogs around her, fans of Sister Wives will remember that the patriarch of the Brown family sang quite differently.

Before Robyn came along, the Browns were a pet-friendly family. Janelle, Christine and Meri Brown have all had pets in their homes at one time or another. Even Kody Brown showed an affection for pets, visiting their homes in Lehi, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Viewers note that Kody and the rest of the Brown family, with the exception of Robyn, mourned the loss of their dog Drake in the second season of the series. Kody was particularly devastated, one fan noted. Kody also seemed to be largely okay with the dogs that Leon left in Meri’s care while they were in college.

Perhaps most importantly, Kody grew up surrounded by animals. In short, he didn’t hate pets or claim to have an allergy problem until Robyn Brown came into the family. So, who really has a problem with all the favourite four-legged companions?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown The Real Reason Kody Suddenly Hates Pets?

Kody’s sudden about-face on dogs has fans on edge after Reddit users uncovered footage of Robyn Brown dumping the Brown family dog at the start of Sister Wives. This infamous kicking, which took place in the season 2 episode “No Place for Home”, has certainly angered Sister Wives fans and prompted them to ask who has a problem with pets.

Fans theorize that Kody isn’t the one who doesn’t like pets. Rather, they think Robyn hates dogs and is using Kody as an excuse. Despite trying to imply that she would take a “well-behaved” dog into her home, fans believe she is accusing Kody of being a “bad guy” in front of her children and admitting that she doesn’t want a dog.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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