Sister Wives: Will Kody Brown Take Another Wife?

Sister Wives: Will Kody Brown Take Another Wife?

Fans of the TLC series find the current state of Kody Brown’s love life quite ironic, considering how hard he fought Christine not to leave him. Yet Janelle and Meri Brown followed Christine right out the door that same year. By the end of what Kody called a ‘civil war’, he was left with three divorces and ONE wife in one year.

Now Sister Wives fans aren’t really sure what Kody Brown wants. Most agree that Robyn Brown is his soul mate. And she’s more or less said on TV that she’s not sure polygamy is for her anymore. He has discovered that he might be happy just living with Robyn Brown as his only wife.

The problem is that Robyn Brown has never entered into a monogamous relationship. In fact, she told her other sisters’ wives that she would have been better off than Kody if she had wanted to be married to a man who was only with her. There are also rumours that Robyn left her husband David only to get together with Kody so that her children could benefit from the financial side of the Brown family.

Sister Wives: Will Kody Brown Take Another Wife?

An anonymous source claims that Kody Brown is constantly looking for new wives. And he hopes to add them to his family tree soon. It’s no secret that Kody wanted more children.

So fans speculate that he might be looking for younger women who are of childbearing age. Some fans speculate that Robyn has probably also threatened to leave Kody if he doesn’t find some new sister wives that she can befriend. One rather worrying theory is that Kody may be using Aurora and Breanna, exchanging them as promised brides to another family, in exchange for his new bride.

Fans also agree that the one thing Kody wants more than anything is to keep Robyn happy. So, if Robyn Brown wants sister wives, fans believe that Kody will marry more women, even if that’s not what he really wants. Unfortunately, fans also agree that Kody bringing new wives into the picture for the wrong reasons is not a strong foundation for a strong marriage.

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