Sister Wives: The Dream Is Slipping Away

Sister Wives: The Dream Is Slipping Away

Is Kody Brown on the verge of losing his Coyote Pass property? It certainly seems so. After all, he and his wife have had the land since 2018. But they haven’t built on it yet, and Kody claims they don’t have the money to pay for it. Until they pay it off, there’s nothing they can do with it. So is he in danger of losing what he thought was his dream and his family’s legacy?

Sister Wives: The Dream Is Slipping Away

According to Kody Brown, the family will not be able to build on their land until it is paid for. This has been a big problem, especially for his ex-wife Janelle Brown. He wanted a home for himself and his family that he could leave behind. What’s more, he called it his inheritance. Yet all his dreams could be shattered the very next year. According to The Celeb Talk Guy via TikTok, it has been revealed that Kody is on the verge of losing his land. Why and how are the biggest questions? It seems that the deadline to pay off the land is coming very soon. Although it seems that half of the land has actually been paid off, the rest has not. In order to buy Coyote Pass back in 2018 gave him five years to pay everything off in full.

If the math is correct, those five years would end in 2023, which is next year. Unfortunately, if they fail to pay off the land in full by the deadline, they lose everything. What’s more, the land will go into foreclosure, which would put a terrible mark on Kody Brown’s credit, as he’s on every document.

The family still owes around 300 000 crowns, which is quite a lot. In the end, Kody’s daughter Gwendlyn even announced that she thought she would never build anything.

For Kody, his chances of success on Coyote Pass seemed much more plausible when he had four wives.

However, his third wife, Christine, passed away in early 2021. Then, in a chat in season 17, both Janelle and Meri shared that they were no longer family. That leaves only Robyn in the plural. Adding to the mix, Janelle was the main woman who encouraged Kody to build the house. Besides, without the sister-wives, there may not be a show, so Kody and Robyn have no income to afford CP payments.

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