Rachel Leviss Unveils New Love Interest at Stagecoach

Rachel Leviss Unveils New Love Interest at Stagecoach

Rachel Leviss, a former “Vanderpump Rules” star, recently shared her new love interest, entrepreneur Matthew Dunn. She did this during her fun weekend at Stagecoach. After a tough year, Leviss seems ready to move on.

New Beginnings for Rachel Leviss

Rachel Leviss has moved past her split with DJ James Kennedy and the Tom Sandoval scandal. She skipped Season 11 of “Vanderpump Rules” to focus on her mental health and start a podcast, “Rachel Goes Rogue.”

Now, she’s back in the public eye. At Stagecoach, she was seen having fun with friends and introducing her new partner, Matthew Dunn.

Dunn is a single dad who loves adventure and entrepreneurship. His connection with Leviss has sparked interest. A brief, now-deleted picture on his Instagram hinted at the seriousness of their relationship.

This partnership is a change for Leviss. Unlike her past relationships with entertainment industry figures, Dunn brings a different perspective as an entrepreneur and a father.

Public Reaction and Future Speculations

Fans and followers had mixed reactions to Rachel Leviss’s new relationship. Some were surprised by Matthew Dunn’s political views and his sudden fame.

Meanwhile, others questioned Leviss’s choice. She had promised to stay single for a year, yet quickly entered a new relationship. Despite this, the new relationship symbolizes Leviss’s growth and her effort to move past past issues.

As Leviss reshapes her public and personal life, fans are eager to see the impact of her new relationship. They wonder if it will bring her happiness and stability. For now, Leviss is happy to explore her connection with Matthew Dunn.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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